10 April, 2015

Making Tracks

Sometimes the tracks are clear and you know what you have to do… other times you have to make your own tracks and do what must be done.   The trick is to forge ahead with confidence….

05 April, 2015

Finding You

Nearly a year since I've heard your voice; a year to find myself and find you in the process. I see you in everything I do, I see you in the ones we love. I know you are here with us when we need you; I know I can count you among the angels in my life. You are a part of me, this provides me a great comfort knowing that you live within me.  There isn't a day that I do not think of you, the difference is now I smile... because I never really lost you.

03 April, 2015


Words can fail to express the beauty of what lies within sight… sometimes we fail to see the importance of what is in front of us when we focus on the wrong things.


There are things throughout our lives that happen and are beyond our control.   These events can come sporadically or one after the other in very close proximity to each other.   When the dust settles and you open your eyes and access the situation, it is shocking at what remains.   Things fall away and turn to dust and only the strongest remain.

 It is time to take account of what remains and build something bigger and better than what came before.

07 May, 2014


A tree showing the aftermath of a storm. 
So much loss, limbs and leaves; time to take account of what remains and figure out how to begin again. 

01 May, 2014

My Mama

From my first moments you were there... From the moment I existed you were my built-in-best-friend. Though things were not always perfect and distance divided us... I never once doubted that you loved me. I'm trying to figure out how to find you in a world you don't physically exist in anymore. I'm trying to figure out how to live with a broken heart. I love you very much, Mama.

Tina Louise Wixson
(August 10, 1960 - April 12, 2014)

Tina Louise Wixson, 53, passed from this life Saturday, April 12, 2014 at her home in Pearl. Visitation will be held 5:00-8:00pm, Monday, April 14, 2014 at Baldwin-Lee Funeral Home. Graveside services are 11:00am, Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at the Drakes United Methodist Church Cemetery in Flowood.

She was born Wednesday, August 10, 1960 in Jackson, Mississippi, a daughter of the late Grant Wixson and Louise Hawthorne Wixson. She was employed for several years as a school bus driver with the Pearl School District. She loved spending time at her home on the Pearl River and gardening in her yard. A gifted artist, Tina painted many artworks which her family and friends will treasure as keepsakes of her love for them.

Survivors include son, J. Grant Wixson Blakeney; daughter, Christina Louise Shores; brothers, James Wixson and wife Michele and Bubba Wixson and wife Becky; sister, Sheila Williams and husband Marvin; and grandchild, Hayden Shores. 

20 August, 2013


The darkness, the cold,
The loss of a chance to be bold.
Hands tied, lips sealed,
Unable to truly feel.

Silence falls everlasting,
Only the sound of my heart blasting.
Unable to see what is there,
Unable because all is bare.

I look in the darkness for a clue,
Something to cast another hue.
I find that deep within,
I nurture it with hope that something may begin.

Lost in the forever night eyes closed,
Looking for something deeper I suppose.
Not sure if I can cope…

So I continue to nurture my ray of hope.


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