19 November, 2007

Dan Donovan 1935-1952

Dan Donovan is retired… he no longer exists. I guess I should somehow give some sort of proper goodbye to the character that I have given life to for the last few weeks. Dan wasn’t very smart, but what he lacked in intelligence he made up with athletics. He never quite understood the opposite sex… perhaps that was because he spent way too much time with the same sex, more time than any normal 17 year old boy. Perhaps Dan was gay, or maybe he was just an idiot… I guess no one but I can be certain on at least my incarnation of him. However one thing is for certain, he did not kill Aunt Caroline Endicott! But he was present during the events that led up to and preceded her death, including one regrettable tryst with a Detective over a red purse… as well as lying and throwing things across the Endicott’s house, but at least he did clean!

Today Who Killed Aunt Caroline has ended… and I am left with few mementos, wonderful memories, a bunch of photos, as well as a whole lotta new friends! I am glad that events led me into doing this, we really did have a dream cast… and it all came together for a wonderful experience, from the first dress rehearsal on… I loved it!

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