03 November, 2007

El Wal-Brero

Today we went and had lunch with John and Cynthia at El Sombrero that just opened up in Brandon in between the Fred’s and Hancock Fabrics in what was once a Wal-Mart. I was shocked when I walked in at how awesome the place looked compared to some of the other restaurants in town, and the fact that it was located in a former Wal-Mart was even more shocking for me. Anytime I walk into a place that I knew in it’s former existence I look for little nuances of what once was, and the only way that I could tell that this had been a Wal-Mart was the painted “shopping center” ceiling, but the transformation was wonderful… kinda felt like I was in a resort in some odd Mexican town. The food was average compared to other Mexican restaurants, but it was not bad, I hope to return soon!

El Sombrero
5746 U.S. 80
Pearl, MS 39208-8930
(601) 664-6764

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