17 November, 2007


It’s that time of year, when the homes of most Americans is filled with wonderful smells… the smells of large feasts being prepared. These feasts are prepared in honor of a group of religiously persecuted Christians and the Native-Americans that helped them through a tough winter. They had much to be thankful for, a new people to share customs, a place to worship however they chose, a great virgin land to mold and destroy into anything they hoped… People… What meaning does Thanksgiving hold for us in this modern age? We are one of the richest and healthiest countries in the world, and now as we embark on the 2007 holiday season, I wonder what lies ahead. A “Season” for giving… and Giving Thanks for what we have… perhaps we should end the “Season” and give to those less fortunate than us all year round… not just for a season. And for that matter, This Thanksgiving lets give thanks for what we don’t have disease, death, destruction, that some places experience on a day to day basis. Let’s not look at each other for what we believe or how we look… lets look at each other for who we really are, and we can take one another’s hand… and really give thanks that we live in a better world than we did yesterday!

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