05 November, 2007

Mind over Matter

The power of the mind is immeasurable, things that were thought to be impossible have come to pass through thoughts creating actions and then things become possible. And there are times where everything bad is mounting up around you and it seems that you can not break through. There in lies the trick, it is impossible to break through if you do not believe you can…. Your mind is working against you. Believe it… Know it… Feel it… and it will happen you will break through! Don’t focus on how it will happen, just know it will… and the “how” will fall into place, I think as a people we have forgotten this.

Mind and matter work in conjunction with one another, and if you focus on nothing but negative things then that is all you are going to attract. Be grateful for all the positive things that are in your life, thank the stars for every thing that is going right, and know that that the negative is on its way out… fill your being with positive energy, and light… and then you will attract nothing but positive things.

It will do good to remember this, it will make you feel better… and things will get better.

Brightest Blessings!

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