24 November, 2007


This is my interpretation of a river scene on the great continent of Pangea during the Triassic Period.

The land was much different then, nothing like we know it today, a Cycad sits along the bank near a fallen Ginkgo tree, the seed ferns around it continue to grow nourished by the river that lazily flows into the Tethys sea. A lone male Cynognathus walks along the river bank, looking for small morsels that the current may wash ashore... or perhaps the scent of a female. A Brightly colored Ornithodira surveys the dead Ginkgo for insect life, unaware of the wonders the future and evolution holds instore for its decendants. In the distance the Foothills to the extensive Central Pangean Mountains(Proto-Appalachians Mountains) loom diviving the continent into North and South.

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