06 November, 2007

Who Killed Aunt Caroline?

Acting is a passion of mine, I have been in several performances while in high school and now I am in my first post-school performance. This has been an experience that I have really enjoyed, everyone involved is absolutely wonderful, and as we gear up to perform, I know that it is going to be a great show. I personally have considered it an honor for being cast as "Dan Donovan" in Who Killed Aunt Caroline?, Dan is a quirky character that is very likable and rather goofy… and very much the classic dumb jock. The play itself revolves around the Murder of Caroline Endicott by poisoning, apparently something was in her tea, well the murder is someone in the play (could even be Dan), and that’s where the fun is! The play is full of very personable characters that are as great as the people that play them… I have had such a great time, and I have made some wonderful new friends.

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