30 December, 2007

Direct Descendant

My childhood pet was Shadow, a wonderful Dachshund that came into my life in 1994, and suddenly left it in 1999. Shadow was my best friend, and I miss her dearly, I remember the day she died very clearly, I was in 9th grade and I lost my very best friend… just before I lost most of everything I held dear. Shadow had several puppies, and my Great Uncle Henry has the only one I know of that is still alive… and at 12 years old Minnie is a mirror for me of what her mother may have looked like had she survived. Minnie is a lot like her mother was, and I can still remember the day she was born, being with her carries me back to shadow, and I feel close to her anytime I am near her daughter.

22 December, 2007


Callie has her moments, and she can be a handful. While I was wrapping presents, it peaked her interest and she had to come play with the paper. Well I took a moment to get some extra tape and she decided to lie on the paper and prepare to be the next gift under the tree… I thought it was adorable.

On the first day of Christmas….

My true love gave to me, Electric Supplies in an Evergreen.

Really, You Shouldn’t Have… SERIOUSLY!!!!

But hey it was cute considering it was in an electrician’s office.

18 December, 2007

Sarcasm Tree

Christmas is definitely the holiday of lights, and the senseless murder of millions of evergreen trees. Their beautiful death shrouds consist of colorful ornaments, and a dazzling array of lights. These three beauties were found in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dallas, Texas over the weekend. Kind of gets you excited about the upcoming holiday doesn’t it?!!!!!

15 December, 2007

Port Gibson Ruins

Destruction can be devastating, ruining everything that people have built up over long periods of time. Through destruction there can also come unimaginable beauty... That most can not see initially. Volcanoes kill thousands and destroy large areas but through this come fertile land that can feed millions of people and creatures… When bad things happen, you have to find the beauty, otherwise the sorrow will take you to a place you really do not wish to be.

This home was in Port Gibson, Mississippi, all that is left are the ruins of the bottom floor and the bathroom on the second floor… through the destruction there is a eerie beauty that can not be missed.

13 December, 2007

In Darkness... Light

Sometimes the sky is dark and grey, and it seems that hope will forever be lost. Somehow when you least expect it, a little ray shines through.. And it all turns out better than you can ever have imagined. Keep pushing though the darkness, soon you will be in the wonderful glow of the light!

10 December, 2007


This photo was taken in Grenada, MS at Dixieland BBQ…. The food smelled great and the wonderful small town atmosphere was wonderful… I couldn’t help but notice something was wrong with the photo… when is Satday? Just curious… Is it after Moday? Or Weday?

My grade school English teachers… would all die.


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