15 January, 2008

Ghostly Tour

This image is off Highway 49 North at the North Bentonia Exit. It used to be something of a school, or other important building. It has been abandoned for many years and the roof has collapsed in several areas, it was odd approaching the building through a cow field with a lone flag pole at the center.
Not sure if this was a receptionist desk or what… I liked the colors.

This was another office, the floor has collapsed and there was a nice easy chair in the hole... someone forgot to take everything.

This was an odd bathroom, either the toilets had been removed (I saw no sign of their being there) or it was a science lab with a sink to wash hands.

This photo was taken through a window, it was of one of the areas where the roof had collapsed, the chaos inside is oddly beautiful, gives a new meaning to outdoor classroom.


Clarice said...

Why was it abandoned?

uncertainhorizon said...

I have no clue... it just was. It's right off a main highway, and it's hard to miss... it's the big brick building with large gaping holes in the roof... otherwise it looks like someone was there yesterday... almost.

sam said...

wonderful photos, you really captured the sad abandoned atmosphere well.

Isadora said...

It does look sad, doesn't it. When something has served its purpose and is no longer required. It reminds me of how the elderly are treated too. :(

smilnsigh said...

Watch out! ,-) You may catch the 'bug' of wanting to find/explore old abandoned buildings. I once read an LJ blog of a photographer who did that, a lot.

He showed some very interesting sites. But quite depressing too.... Sort of a photo diary of abandoned places... Which I suppose, is a theme.


uncertainhorizon said...

I love abandoned things; I don’t look at it as depressing… although I can see how it could be depressing. I like seeing how buildings decay, and how no matter how strong man thinks he is with his tall imposing buildings of every shape and size, that nature can and will return.

Plus there is something oddly beautiful when man and nature collide.


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