08 January, 2008

Life After Us

One thing that has fascinated me is what would
happen to our infrastructure if it we were to disappear. This has led me to have an insane interest in abandoned buildings and places that people have allowed nature and time to take control… places such as Chernobyl, Ukraine or the Varosha Quarter in Famagusta, Cyprus. It’s really a fascination I can not explain, and it must be one that I share with many people, especially with the book The World Without Us by Alan Weisman or the History Channel Event Life After People: on January 21st. I would love a chance to explore a city abandoned for thirty years or so, basically just to take a few thousand photos and document what I see… I think it would be awesome.

I got a glimpse into what would happen to some of the smaller areas throughout the country today in Bentonia, Mississippi. There is a rather large two story building that is nice from the outside, perhaps a little rundown… not unlike many of the buildings in the city.. .but this one has been neglected to the point that the inside has collapsed, and there are small trees growing inside… the mess is magnificent in a way… makes you wonder….


sam said...

wonderful, again the slight blurring captures the mystery so much better than a sharp postcard type shot would have! Have you ever seen the ghost towns in Namibia? Kolmanskop is so amazing, you just stand there and are overwealmed by how little we really are, even though we act like lords of the planet. When nature wants to take over, we can't stop her! To find out more, go to Kolmanskop – Ghost Town in the Desert

uncertainhorizon said...

Wow... I love ghost towns and such, I loved the link... things like that facinate me. The blurring in that photo was due to the fact that it too was taken through a glass window.. plus all I really have to take photo's at the moment is my cell phone, but it does the job. :-)


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