25 January, 2008


I took this photo last night at rehearsal for Mame, it is going to be a rather large performance for the Black Rose Theatre, but if we can pull it off it is going to be great. I am rather excited about the play; I am portraying Patrick Dennis (aged 19-29) it happens to be the largest most important role that I have ever taken on… talk about expanding your acting abilities. PLUS!!! Hal and Clif are also in the play, as well as many of my other friends from Who Killed Aunt Caroline!

Performance Dates are: March 06, 2008 - Mar 09, 2008 & March 13, 2008 - Mar 16, 2008.


Halcyon said...

I just hope we can pull it off!

uncertainhorizon said...

I have no doubts that we will


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