05 January, 2008

Inner City Life

On Terry Road in Jackson, I learned about some of the inner-city problems that face the people in those areas, and it saddens me to know that people have to lock their businesses in the daytime for protection against the hoodlums that run the streets. Gang bangers or Gangsters whatever they are called are nothing but domestic terrorists that are no different from Al Qaeda or the Nazi’s and the federal government should do more to stop these people from terrorizing our city streets, than fighting the war in Iraq. It makes no sense how we can allow these terror organizations to exist in our own back yard, but send people a world away to Gitmo for “Suspected Terrorist Activities.” It just goes to prove that the people we elect to oversee our country have no real idea what is going on, and perhaps before we have a far-reaching foreign policy, or expand the war on terror, we should tackle the terrorist in our own back yards!


sam said...

So true! We have a bit more of a problem in SA, seems the corruption is in such high places that it is unlikely to be tackled at street level very effectively. ( See its a south african soapie
If only Americans could understand how pivotal their next vote is, not just for your country, but for the rest of the world as well. You have survived a couple of terms of a really useless president (IMHO) but now is the time to choose someone who a) has a brain in their head and b) has the good of the country (and the civilised world) at heart rather than their own personal quest for power. Good Luck!

uncertainhorizon said...

That is the true dilemma, I think very few people in the U.S. really recognize the influence that we have on the rest of the world, and that we can make a positive influence on the world. However greed and power do not go hand in hand, and the U.S. is not one to necessarily choose it’s leaders wisely, we tend to go for the power hungry rich people who want to rule the world, and think that just because they are president of what we narrow-mindedly consider the greatest country on the planet, that they are the rulers of the world. We need to focus on cleaning up our act as a country before we worry so much about cleaning up others… we claim to be a free country, and we have separate church and state, and blah blah… but the reality is we are only as free as the Moral Majority and the leaders they elect allow us to be, and we are basically a Christian Theocracy where all other religions are frowned upon… among other things. I see many other countries far more advanced than our own, and yet we claim to be the best.

So yes... We have a mission... but the trick is what Presidential Candidate is the best? Which Evil shall we choose?


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