29 February, 2008


Inspiration comes at the oddest times, usually when you let expect it. When it does come, don’t shrug it off… be inspired!

28 February, 2008

Spirit Hill Eagle

Pearl, Mississippi has few landmarks that everyone knows exactly what it is when it is brought up in conversation, and yet surprisingly you mention the Eagle on the ball atop the hill off Highway 80 just before you get to Miskellys, and EVERYONE knows what you are talking about. I remember the Eagle from throughout my childhood, because it was mysterious… who were these people that would have an Eagle on a Ball atop a large hill?? I KNOW NOW!!! The Eagle was created by Mr. Jones owner and operator of Ax Antiques that operated atop that very hill. Mr. Jones was not allowed to have a sign advertising his business due to zoning laws; however he had already created the eagle for a state fair and decided to use it as the landmark for his business. Now the Eagle is purely for decoration purpose. Mr. Jones has since passed on, and his family still resides atop the hill. It remains to this day to be a mysterious landmark for our city, perhaps now I have unlocked a little of its mystery.

On a side note the hill on which the eagle stands in Pearl is known as ‘Spirit Hill’.

27 February, 2008


Throughout your life you meet some strange and interesting characters… some of them you want to meet, others perhaps not. I had a chance to meet to larger-than-life celebrities Saturday, and let me tell you, they were down to Earth, granted the doughboy was a drama queen. It was surreal just walking into a Kroger and meeting two so very famous characters, granted it was the Grand Opening in Madison, Mississippi. Chester Cheetah was awesome with a Hendrix appeal; something tells me he discovered the cheeto while having the munchies!!!! T’was cool!

26 February, 2008

Mooie Bloemen

For Mississippi spring comes several times of the year, and sadly for most flowering plants… so does winter. Flowers symbolize so many things for so many people. We give them to the ones we love as gifts, we give them to people who are sick, and we give them to people when they pass away. But if you look at the reasons why we give flowers, it is always for the same reason… an event, whether happy or sad, it’s an event with a new beginning. Most flowers come first in the spring, and that is the new beginning for the new year, so I do find it very fitting that they are the gift of choice for such an event.

This photo was taken at Kroger off Highway 51 in Madison, Kroger surprisingly has grown in their floral section to a very impressive selection. The bottom flower was taken at another Kroger in Madison (Colony Park) it was their Grand Opening and they had them on the tables in their Deli.

25 February, 2008

Sunrise over Beekman Place

I was never a huge fan of Jackson Pollock that is not to say that I disliked his work… its just it seemed to me to be too simple. I mean just spray paint onto a canvas with nom form or design, yes it makes for beautiful patterns and shapes… but not too much was really put into it. I was wrong. I was asked to do several pieces of art for MAME (http://www.blackrosetheater.com/) and one of those is this pollock-esque splatter painting. I must say the amount of emotion that you can put into these is staggering, and the colors you use can very much convey the message that you are sending out. When I was done, I stepped back, and I realized just how wrong I was about one of the strangest and tortred souls of the 20th centry.

19 February, 2008

Madison Twins

This is a new building in Madison; I love it because it is atypical of most buildings in Mississippi in that it actually had some thought put into it. This building is also unique in that it has a twin under construction (The Building in the back of the photo), and that at a whopping 4 stories it dominates the landscape…. Most buildings in Mississippi are less than 25 stories the largest is the Beau Rivage in Biloxi with its 32 stories. I Love the way the sepia tone gave the image a dream-like feel.

16 February, 2008


Love is a foe of mankind; I have said that all my life… it is the most devious of all emotions causing people to at times feel euphoric and others to feel like they are dying. Love is a very wonderful emotion in its own right, leading people to care deeply for the ones that are close to them… I guess it is a true enigma.

This photo is a photoshopped photo I did of my friend Echo holding a leftover Valentine heart at Walgreens in Richland… I felt it very inspirational.

15 February, 2008

Employees Only!

“Employees Only!” That stops most of the world from seeing the inner workings of many of life’s little interesting places. This is one such area, the larger cooler of Monterey Grocery in Rankin County Mississippi, this is one of the types of coolers found throughout America that people go to and open the door to get a cold soft drink, or a beer. I was granted access thanks to the fact that my aunt is an employee, and I have been known to do a little free-lance work for the store in the past. For three days in 2006 I stocked this very cooler, it was fun not to mention that it is owned by one of the kindest person I have ever met.

14 February, 2008

Happy <3 Day!

Love is in the air, and today is the official day to celebrate the love of those that love you… and vice versa. These Photos show just how merchandising can be for this wonderfully lovey holiday, millions of balloons and stuffed animals will find new homes with all the Romeos and Juliet’s around the world… not to mention the countless chocolate and flower gifts. The top photo was taken at a “Dollar Tree”, I love the sea of balloons that cover the ceiling, enticing lovers to buy them for their significant others.

13 February, 2008

The Pearl Tornado of 2008

Yesterday was an interesting day for the city of Pearl, Mississippi... For the last fifteen years I have said that Pearl will never be hit by a Tornado, it has not happened in recorded history… so it is unlikely to happen.

Well yesterday I was not feeling well… so I was in bed listening to the rain and thunder… Suddenly the wind changed and came in a lot harder, it really sounded like someone was hitting my window, right above my head… so I got up and looked out, I could see nothing and it looked like things were flying through the air… and then there was the siren, and the power outage. I got up and went out in the back yard... I could see nothing, but rain and so I came into the office where my room-mates dad was, and told him that I didn’t think we were safe… he agreed… at about that time there was a loud noise. (A stack blew off the roof).

After it was all over, turns out that a F1 Tornado Touched down and went through the city and caused some minor damage, no one was injured… but there was an eye witness that said that the funnel did in fact go over my house… So we had a Tornado in Pearl…

This is St Jude Street, just a few blocks from my house… It was completely blocked, noticed the trees snapped halfway up, a tale-tale sign of a Tornado.

Another Home on the corner of St. Jude and Barrow.

This SUV was on the corner of S. Bierdeman and Pine Circle, it was for sale, the tree only really luckily crushed the windshield… hope they had not canceled the insurance.

This home is on the corner of Barrow and Louise Drive… It is always sad to see bad things happen… I hope everyone was ok.

The approximate path of the storm is in blue, based on what I was able to get from Media reports and damage. The map used is a Google Map!

09 February, 2008

Sun on the Water

The Ross Barnett Reservoir, a source of much fun and recreation for many in the state of Mississippi. This photo was taken at the Reservoir Overlook just off the Natchez Trace, it was getting dark, and I loved the way the sun was showing on the trees in the distance, it was really an interesting moment in natural lighting.

07 February, 2008

I <3 You!

Valentines Day is just around the corner, the day for lovers of the world to unite to all celebrate their love en masse. Red just happens to be my absolute favorite color, and this time of year it is not missed!!! My favorite part about the Valentine Season must be, like Christmas, the wonderful efforts the retail world puts into enticing the lovers of the world to buy their lovey dovey wares. Such as this window display at an unnamed shop (I forgot to look) just off Black Street in Brandon, Mississippi. I love the white against the red, to me it symbolizes pure passion, and isn’t that what romantic love actually is? A pure passion for the person that makes you feel special?

05 February, 2008

Jurassic Park

I just happened to drive my my grandmothers house today, just as she and my nephew were walking outside to play in the unusually warm spring-like weather. So I stopped and I decided to join them! I will tell you, there is nothing like a 4 year old telling you facts about dinosaurs, and about the way his live their lives! My nephew never ceases to amaze me, so I played along teaching him more about the Majestic Extinct Behemoths that linger collectively in both our imaginations. This Diorama is one that we came up with; the other Dinosaurs are talking amongst themselves as the bigger one sleeps. Clearly the mind of a child is one to take amazement to, because I would have come up with something different!!! Dinner Anyone?

03 February, 2008

Building a Life

It is slowly coming together!!! Set construction for Mame has proven to be an interesting task, such as a movable winding staircase. Not to mention all the other fun set pieces that will be employed during production. I’m really having fun with this play, and I am so very glad that I got involved with the Theatre.

Friendships are what it is all about; family is always there, and they are usually biased. But friends are the people that you can count on for that un-related biased attitude, and usually the straight forward truth! Building a good friendship is a lot like building a flight of stairs, you have to start from the ground, and work your way up. And not only then but when you think you are finished, you have to walk up those very stairs. It’s not easy, but in the long run it’s worth it.

I have been very lucky to have gained a wonderful group of friend since I came back to Jackson, and I owe that to my participation in the Black Rose Theatre!!! I <3 You Guys!!!!

(This photo shows Adam and Amanda working hard on the wonderful staircase. )


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