26 February, 2008

Mooie Bloemen

For Mississippi spring comes several times of the year, and sadly for most flowering plants… so does winter. Flowers symbolize so many things for so many people. We give them to the ones we love as gifts, we give them to people who are sick, and we give them to people when they pass away. But if you look at the reasons why we give flowers, it is always for the same reason… an event, whether happy or sad, it’s an event with a new beginning. Most flowers come first in the spring, and that is the new beginning for the new year, so I do find it very fitting that they are the gift of choice for such an event.

This photo was taken at Kroger off Highway 51 in Madison, Kroger surprisingly has grown in their floral section to a very impressive selection. The bottom flower was taken at another Kroger in Madison (Colony Park) it was their Grand Opening and they had them on the tables in their Deli.


uncertainhorizon said...

BTW: "Mooie Bloemen" is Dutch for "Beautiful Flowers."

Halcyon said...


Have you gotten the email for the cast pary?

uncertainhorizon said...

:-) I have, just had not had time to really do anything. :-) I am glad you are in mame... otherwise I may not see you as much as I do now, when it is over we can hang more... I want to see the new home :-) .


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