28 February, 2008

Spirit Hill Eagle

Pearl, Mississippi has few landmarks that everyone knows exactly what it is when it is brought up in conversation, and yet surprisingly you mention the Eagle on the ball atop the hill off Highway 80 just before you get to Miskellys, and EVERYONE knows what you are talking about. I remember the Eagle from throughout my childhood, because it was mysterious… who were these people that would have an Eagle on a Ball atop a large hill?? I KNOW NOW!!! The Eagle was created by Mr. Jones owner and operator of Ax Antiques that operated atop that very hill. Mr. Jones was not allowed to have a sign advertising his business due to zoning laws; however he had already created the eagle for a state fair and decided to use it as the landmark for his business. Now the Eagle is purely for decoration purpose. Mr. Jones has since passed on, and his family still resides atop the hill. It remains to this day to be a mysterious landmark for our city, perhaps now I have unlocked a little of its mystery.

On a side note the hill on which the eagle stands in Pearl is known as ‘Spirit Hill’.

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