12 March, 2008

Essence of Jackson

There is a new “skyscraper*” under construction in downtown Jackson. Before construction began, a project was sent out to various schools, create a mural that captures the essence of Jackson, and it shall be hung on the construction wall. The murals themselves were lovely, they were very creative, others were really abstract… but I was impressed nonetheless. This one submitted by Jackson Prep was definitely my favorite, it really does capture the essence of downtown, all of the potential… however I thought it was odd to see the King Edward in the art, but with its new revitalization underway… perhaps soon it will be as bustling as this mural.

*For most of the world a skyscraper is a really large building that seems to scrape the sky. For Jackson it is any large building above two stories.


Dan said...

Great mural. I love this kind of urban art

uncertainhorizon said...

They had many different types.. truthfully I was suprised to see something this urban come from Jackson Prep... they are the more upscale of the area schools.


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