16 April, 2008

In Loving Memory

Wonderful people come in and touch your life as you go through your trials and tribulations, these people travel with you for a while, and offer their unconditional companionship and love… as all to often after a while and for whatever reasons, they once again drift away. Without rhyme or reason you just loose touch and go your separate ways, and occasionally a thought or a feeling will remind you of the friends that have come in and drifted away. But no matter what, there is always a comfort of knowing that they will be there, and that you know that they are well… But there are times when suddenly that feeling of security is taken away, and the friend that you loved has drifted further away than any place on this world.

In Loving Memory Of Loraine Crockett, May You Find Peace On Your Journey, And Know You Were Loved By So Many!


karen said...


I'm just wondering if this is the same Loraine Crockett I know. I came across your blog during a Google search. Does she live in North Jackson?

Cinderella Life said...

My heart goes out to you right now. You know I'm here.

Lisa McCarty said...

I love you dearly...and you know my thoughts and prayers are with all who mourn her loss now. Her spirit sours freely now. Blessings to you, all her friends, and her family as well. She will be missed by many.

uncertainhorizon said...

It may be... http://lorainecrockett.livejournal.com that was her journal... but yeah she lived in North Jackson.... I haven heard anything about arrangements yet.

JIm PathFinder Ewing said...

She was such a sweet person.
She came to our Drum Circles.
She will be missed.
Our prayers are with her.

Jim PathFinder Ewing
(Nvnehi Awatisgi)
Healing The Earth/Ourselves

karen said...

Lora is my cousin.

Just FYI in case you don't know already:

Visitation is Tuesday evening at Wright & Ferguson. Service is Wednesday. In the obit it will say that in lieu in flowers the family is asking for donations to defray the costs of the funeral.

uncertainhorizon said...

Thank You Karen

uncertainhorizon said...

Happy Birthday Loraine!!!!


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