31 May, 2008

For the People Who Wonder

Love and suffering usually go hand in hand, I know that seems like a contradiction, but it is the truth.

27 May, 2008

Dark Road

I walk a very lonely road…
I’ve never pretended not to, but I do know that it is not a road that I regret taking. I am so lucky to know someone that walks a lonely road like the very one that I am on. This helps when I hit a rough spot and I need someone that can echo my sentiments. I never had that before.

26 May, 2008

Madam Butterfly

A little worm, crawling eating, how can you know from this lowly creature that it will turn into a beautiful butterfly?

I sometimes think of all life as similar to the butterflies, sometimes you have to crawl on the ground before you can soar through the air. People would be happier remembering that.

23 May, 2008

Angels in Waiting

I am blessed to have so many angels in my life.

This particular angel is in Drake Cemetery in Flowood, Mississippi. It is where several members of my family are interred, including John Grant Wixson, my maternal grandfather, and Hattie Coker-Bailey my Maternal Great-Grandmother.

19 May, 2008

Dearly Departed

Theater, such a fun past time. This is a small gift I did for the Cast and Crew of Dearly Departed being presented at Black Rose Theater in Brandon, Mississippi on June 19, 2008 - Jun 22, 2008 and June 26, 2008 - Jun 29, 2008. The cast list is as follows…

Directed by: Robbie Looney
Bud/Norval : Eric Hambrick
Raynelle: Lydie Vick
Raybud: Andy Achord
Lucille: Cheryl Abernathy
Junior: Cameron Lowery
Suzanne: Brighton Goode
Margarette: LaDonna Rogers
Royce: Spencer Smith
Delightful: Brandi Southerland
Clyde: Troy Plaisance
Juanita: Kimberlee Wolfson
Rev. Hooker: Vince Rogers
Veda: Donna Lewis
Nadine: Dani Baisden

The cast is full of many friends of mine that I know will do wonderfully, I can not wait to come support them as they break legs!!!!!

18 May, 2008


When I came back to Jackson, what I needed most in my life was something that was hard to come by, and it took nearly half a year to find… stability. I found a little stability in the Theater, but not enough to ground my life to where I could get back to where I wanted to be. My current job gives me the stability I want to be the person I need to be.

Something inside has changed since I have come back, I look at my job completely different than the ones in my past. Deep down somehow I think I enjoy it. I am not sure if that is a sign that I am going insane or what, but I really don’t always dread going to work. Well… perhaps I am insane, but I must go get ready for work.

16 May, 2008

Your Right to Choose!!!

Presidential election years are a time to reflect on the job the current president has done and to choose the person that is most fitting for his replacement. This year we have two candidates from the same party going at each others throat…. Proving that at least that party does not have its act together enough to have two candidates that can not only work for the common goal of getting one or the other elected, but they resort to mud slinging like school yard brats. Do you really want one of them as your President? Then you have the other candidate that is just a cleaned up shiny new version of what we have in office, perhaps with a higher understanding of the English language.

I personally feel that the United States really does allow you to choose the person you feel is the better candidate and vote for them. I have been told by several people that my vote would be wasted if I voted for the person that I choose, but if half of the United States wasted a vote for the candidate that they chose, and then perhaps that candidate would be President and could make some positive changes to the way that this country is going.

Good Bless America!


13 May, 2008

Ghosts of the Past

There are things in your past that you regret. That’s not important, what is important is to take those lessons, and move on and grow into a stronger person.

This photo is of the Daughters of the Confederates Memorial at the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi.

12 May, 2008

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!

Daisy is my friend Meredith’s baby kitty, and she is already a mess. Dani, Jason, Echo and I were watching Daisy play last night, and she was just so funny with her samba-like pouncing. However the funniest moment would have to be when she was playing with me, and somehow got stuck in between the couch cushions… it was so adorable.

09 May, 2008

Southern Style Shopping

Southern tradition includes many different things… One of them just happens to be the Canton Flea Market in Canton, Mississippi. I had never gone, and let me tell you how awestruck I was at the people, and the goodies. It was a lot like going to the Mississippi State Fair sans the rides. They have it twice a year, and I do believe that I will return and enjoy the fun, sun, and shopping… as much a southern tradition as fried green tomatoes.

02 May, 2008

My Babies

I went to my friend Echo’s house Tuesday, and when I did I found her birdhouse had fallen… and fallen to pieces. Five babies were stranded on the ground, with no protection or a mom. So for 6 hours I became a surrogate mother to five babies, not sure what species, bird nonetheless. I kept them until I could deliver them safely into my friend Charli’s waiting arms, she has the knowledge and means to take care of them and help them get the resources they need to survive. I found their eating very odd to say the least, they were fed baby food and water through a syringe, they loved every bit of it. When I finally sent them on their way, I was sad… and I missed my babies for a day, but sometimes you have to do what is best.



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