16 May, 2008

Your Right to Choose!!!

Presidential election years are a time to reflect on the job the current president has done and to choose the person that is most fitting for his replacement. This year we have two candidates from the same party going at each others throat…. Proving that at least that party does not have its act together enough to have two candidates that can not only work for the common goal of getting one or the other elected, but they resort to mud slinging like school yard brats. Do you really want one of them as your President? Then you have the other candidate that is just a cleaned up shiny new version of what we have in office, perhaps with a higher understanding of the English language.

I personally feel that the United States really does allow you to choose the person you feel is the better candidate and vote for them. I have been told by several people that my vote would be wasted if I voted for the person that I choose, but if half of the United States wasted a vote for the candidate that they chose, and then perhaps that candidate would be President and could make some positive changes to the way that this country is going.

Good Bless America!


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