27 June, 2008


Angels are mystical, they come into your life and they tend to look just like everyone else. It amazes me that they can even pose as people that you know, and sometimes you are related to.

“and through it all she offers me protection a lot of love and affection whether I’m right or wrong and down the waterfall wherever it may take me I know that life wont break me when I come to call she wont forsake me I’m loving angels instead”

~Robbie Williams: Angels

20 June, 2008

The Horizon

I am so excited right now!

I always talk about how the future is the uncertain horizon and how we must march towards it with our heads held high and out minds open for what lays ahead. Well now I have turned and am facing a new uncertain horizon, that of school. I have spent the last two days getting so many things in order… financial aid, transcripts, applications, logistics… and it all is slowly coming together!

On Towards That Beautiful Horizon!!! I have a bright future waiting!

16 June, 2008

St. Francis

Every now and again I have a feeling like something is off, this feeling is neither good, nor bad… usually just annoying. Every now and again life is just off and things always veer into uncharted territory, and you just tend to have to go back to the planning board. The unexpected always changes things up for the fun of simply making things just that much more interesting.

St. Francis of Assisi is my personal Patron Saint, and I winder at times wonder what life was like for him, and if he ever had hopes and fears… and what exactly those hopes and fears were.

14 June, 2008

The Tomato

I absolutely love tomatoes, and recently my love of tomatoes has been targeted by a salmonella outbreak. It seems that every year a new fruit or vegetable is being found to contain enough salmonella to cause sickness, panic, and massive recalls… not to mention enough bans to cripple farmers. It leads a large amount of the population wondering how exactly this particular bacteria is appearing on fruits and vegetables year after year, it is starting not to look like some freak occurrence. This year the entire food service industry is affected, it really is astonishing how massive some events really are.

Thank God for my Garden!!!!!

(This particular Sign was at Jason's Deli in Jackson, Mississippi.)

1067 E. County Line Road
Jackson, MS 39211

(601) 206-9191

06 June, 2008

Lucky Guy

Sometimes life throws you a party, and Echo was responsible for the greatest birthday party since I was 11 years old. A combination of people from many vast aspects and times of my life in one place was interesting to say the least. The turnout was so much better than expected, and it was wonderful to be around so many people that have touched and blessed my life. It was like being a tree in a dark room, getting a dose of exactly what it needed.

Lately I have felt like a tree in a dark room, and I really do feel so very blessed to have such wonderful and eclectic a group of friends.

I love each and every one of them!

(This photo was at Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant at the Corner of Highway 25 and State Street in Jackson, Mississippi… they also have a new location in Dogwood off Lakeland Drive as well! They have the best Greek-Mediterranean food in the Jackson Area, I love it when I get a chance to drop in!)

03 June, 2008

Life, The Universe, And Everything

Sometimes things are not what they seem, and the trials and tribulations that you suffer through are only just guarding something wondrous. Sometimes I find it hard to get out of bed, and then I think of what it is that I could be missing, and I do it… and I do it, and no matter what happens… I do not regret it. Live each day knowing that it could be the best day of your life! And know that in the darkest of nights, always search for a star.

02 June, 2008

Birthday Magnolia

My mom always told me that Magnolias being in bloom always reminded her of when my birthday was coming. This Simple fact has since made magnolias my absolute most favorite flower… especially on today of all days. Growing up, we had a magnolia tree in my front yard, and it never failed most days… birthday included, there were sweet beautiful magnolias in the house! They always bring back the wonderful memories!

01 June, 2008

Tyrannopisci Rex

In the wake and sadness of Lucy's untimely death, her heir Maleficent "Mallie" has taken his rightful place as Tyrant King of the fishes (Tyrannopisci Rex)!!!

Fine Line

Strength is not if you can fight all evil that comes to you, and running away does not necessarily make you a coward. It’s walking in the dusk between light and dark, not crossing over either way, it takes true strength and courage to do this… it is too easy to fall either way. Eleven years I have watched people I love hide in the dark, it must seem safe to them there… me I have found my foothold in the dusk of life, I have tripped but have always found my way back, I just wish I could pull them up with me.


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