15 July, 2008

Elephant Telephant

Elephants are very interesting animals to me. They prove that Humans are not the only creatures capable of emotion, especially in a time where people once claimed that Humans were the only species capable of emotion. They are very intelligent creatures, and never fail to capture my imagination with their size, and overall disposition. They are a wonderful species and we need to do everything we can to save them from possible extinction.

You know… there is a group of people calling to have elephants released in North America to help replace the lost Mammoth Mega Fauna. Apparently the loss of the North American Mega Fauna is still taking a toll on North America… I kinda like this Idea… Elephant herds roaming free, safe from poaching… But people would never go for it, they would find something to gripe about.

(Introduction Side Note: I was watching something on the Komodo Dragon last night. They were talking about how one of it’s island habitats once had a type of deer that was poached out by man, and this has caused strain on the Dragon. Why not introduce the American White Tailed Deer to the island… Just a hundred or so, and tell the poachers to move to the American South, that way everyone is happy.)

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