12 July, 2008

The Scheme of Things

Rainbows symbolize many things to many people. Sexual orientation aside, the rainbow means something to me. The rainbow symbolizes the whole of humanity encompassing all races, religions, sexual orientations; they all compose this beautiful composition. However this is just me rambling, the human race is much uglier, we kill for beliefs, money, hate… all petty things that we can’t seem to overcome. When we finally can look at one another and accept each other for who we each are, and know that we are beautiful in our own right… will we be truly beautiful as a race.

When we really think about it, in the cosmic sense… all of our wars, love, happiness... everyone that has ever existed… has done so on an infinitesimal fraction of what exists… We really need to stop killing each other, and look within ourselves and fix what is wrong there… come on people. Wise up.

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