21 August, 2008

Time Theory

Have you ever thought about how time moves, and brings us along with it? I think of time as a piece of growing paper, right now we are on the edge of the paper, nothing in front of us… it just grows and makes a path before us as we move forward through time. Everything and everyone that came before us still exists, they go through all their lives just like normal… up until the point that they no longer need time, and after that they move on leaving part of themselves behind that exists where they once did… back in 1988 or 1388 B.C.E., of course living people do the same. Now Einstein said that time travel forward was possible, and that past travel was impossible… I disagree.I believe that the only way we can travel into the future is by traveling close to the speed of light and allowing time dilation to occur, this would in fact give the traveler the sense that they have traveled through time, when all they really did was just wait for time to pass around them. Now travel into the past I believe is possible, and has been done at many points through history, its just that many travelers are smart enough to know that interfering with a timeline would only create a paradox that has already been created. Take the ole “Dead Grandfather” paradox… Ok You go back in time and kill your grandfather before he has a chance to father your dad, therefore giving you no possible way to exist. So how could you have gone back in time and killed your grandfather? OK… Well lets say you wanted to go back in time and kill your grandfather, so you went back… You know what!? Your going to fail, and I can prove that by your existence. So perhaps even though we live on the edge of time, whose to say that were not already re living our lives and part of us hasn’t already moved on? Who’s to say that the edge of time isn’t already at 2063 and some of us are already long dead? And Who’s to say that some of the random people you see on the streets that look at you aren’t really time travelers? Just something to think about…..

(Flashback... Originally Written Jan. 29th, 2006 at 12:34 PM
The photo is a restored, as best as possible, photo of my grand mother and my aunt and uncle... aprox 1960.)

14 August, 2008

<3 Bird

Birds are fascinating creatures, especially when they spend most of their lives around humans. [Enter Kaley] Kaley belongs to one of my best friends; she shares a cage with Garret who can hold a conversation. But Kaley is cold, and distant, always has been… except when you sing to her. She and I have developed an unusual interspecies friendship, mainly because when I visit I take the time to sing to her and Garret, they love it, they usually sing back… I love it to!

07 August, 2008


Humanity has many flaws, but we also have a great strong point… through the greatest disaster’s we will persevere. This is the Gulfport Yacht club, destroyed in 1969 by Hurricane Camille, and once again in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina… No longer does it lie in ruins, it is a symbol of the Coastal communities ability to rise up from the ashes, stronger and better than before!!!

800 East Pier
Gulfport, MS 39501

(228) 867-6796

04 August, 2008

Fort Massachusetts

Fort Massachusetts on Ship Island (Offically known as the Fort on Ship Island) is part of the interesting history of the fascinating barrier island. It was originally built after the war of 1812, and only saw actual battle once when confederate solders on the island engaged the Union Ship Massachusetts in the civil war. It is home to a mortar oven that was used by solders to heat cannon balls to red hot temperature and fire them at enemy ships in hopes of catching them on fire. The fort had once been the center of many military buildings that were once on the island, including a hospital barracks, and mess hall, all of those have since disappeared, and for a time all that remained were the fort and a replica of the Ship Island light house, Hurricane Katrina took care of the light house in 2005. The Fort has been out of service since 1903 and most cannons were removed in 1908. It is currently maintained by the National Park Service.

One thing that really fascinates me is that barrier islands grow longer and not wider, when the fort was originally built, it was in the middle of the island, and now it is on the edge of the water, and the National Park Service has the Army Corps of Engineers pump in sand when they have to dredge shipping channels, just to keep the waves from hitting the fort. But the island is a mile longer than when the fort was originally built.

03 August, 2008


“Stars” A Monologue for a Teen-Adult of any Gender. By Jerry Grant Blakeney

I look up at the sky sometimes and I see the stars so far above me, and I just drift away. My thoughts usually drift into some place that makes me think about what it is that has brought me to this physical place, but I wonder if the stars had something to do with it. Some people say that the stars actually control our lives… I believe that to a degree, but not completely. We make our own decisions and I never looked up and asked a star to guide me in making the correct decision, lest one fall on my head. But that is neither here nor there… but everywhere. I’m here because someone or something so far back in time that it is but a mere memory etched in the forbidden reaches of the cosmos, made a decision… Very similar to the decision that my great grandparents made one lonely night, or my grandparents or my parents on their honeymoon. The fact is my life, the life I cherish and value, was the random effect caused by decisions made many years before I even came into the picture. I would never have existed had my Mother not have decided to go to a party one night where she met my father, it was random. God, The Stars, Fate, Karma, all of these are answers to the question, “what happened that brought me here?” But the reality is that the exact opposite was just as mathematically possible at the time. Who is to say that making the decision to use your debit card to pay for gas at the store will not change your life? Ok… So I had my card out to pay for gas… You following me? And then I decided I wanted a Tropicana Pure Premium OJ, The best in the world, so I put my card back in my wallet and I walk into the store. I get ready to pay when this nice looking young man with a nice big black handgun walks into the store; he demands that the clerk and I give him all our cash. The clerk decides to be a hero, the gun goes off…. And now I am a quadriplegic. I would still be able to walk had I just used my card, but that is over there somewhere… not sure where, but what does that have to do with anything. The stars, they are real, decisions we make, they are real… me I know I am real… I think. What is reality? I once read that everything is energy, the molecules that hold everything together is energy, the stars are energy, and I am energy… I’m not sure if I really like that thought, but it still fascinates me, if all we are is energy, than everything that exists only does so because we perceive the energy in certain manners. We touch the surface creating vibrations, we smell vibrations, we taste them, see light waves, and hear sound waves, so we can only perceive our surroundings by sensing the energy in separate ways… this is odd that means that in reality nothing is really solid unless we perceive it in some manner. So who is to say what the office looks like? Or what we really look like, we only see the simulations that our body has set up for us based on the input of several sensory organs that sense energy… nothing more… and the only reason we have those sensory organs to sense the nothingness is because our great-great-great grandparents made a decision one morning to get out of bed, that changed the world. So when people say don’t sweat the small stuff… Stop and think… is it really that small… and when you walk out of a room, stop and ask… does that room exist now that no one is there to perceive it? Or better yet stop and ask yourself if your maternal descendant that lived all the way back in 16 BC thought that when he met that beautiful young girl that it would cause this discussion to take place. Is that the big dipper? You know, the stars are beautiful?

(c) 2008 J. Grant Blakeney, If you are interested in using this... please contact me for permission....


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