21 August, 2008

Time Theory

Have you ever thought about how time moves, and brings us along with it? I think of time as a piece of growing paper, right now we are on the edge of the paper, nothing in front of us… it just grows and makes a path before us as we move forward through time. Everything and everyone that came before us still exists, they go through all their lives just like normal… up until the point that they no longer need time, and after that they move on leaving part of themselves behind that exists where they once did… back in 1988 or 1388 B.C.E., of course living people do the same. Now Einstein said that time travel forward was possible, and that past travel was impossible… I disagree.I believe that the only way we can travel into the future is by traveling close to the speed of light and allowing time dilation to occur, this would in fact give the traveler the sense that they have traveled through time, when all they really did was just wait for time to pass around them. Now travel into the past I believe is possible, and has been done at many points through history, its just that many travelers are smart enough to know that interfering with a timeline would only create a paradox that has already been created. Take the ole “Dead Grandfather” paradox… Ok You go back in time and kill your grandfather before he has a chance to father your dad, therefore giving you no possible way to exist. So how could you have gone back in time and killed your grandfather? OK… Well lets say you wanted to go back in time and kill your grandfather, so you went back… You know what!? Your going to fail, and I can prove that by your existence. So perhaps even though we live on the edge of time, whose to say that were not already re living our lives and part of us hasn’t already moved on? Who’s to say that the edge of time isn’t already at 2063 and some of us are already long dead? And Who’s to say that some of the random people you see on the streets that look at you aren’t really time travelers? Just something to think about…..

(Flashback... Originally Written Jan. 29th, 2006 at 12:34 PM
The photo is a restored, as best as possible, photo of my grand mother and my aunt and uncle... aprox 1960.)

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