30 October, 2008


Mississippi can be an odd place full of odd people, and my personal favorite holiday is Halloween. Halloween definitely allows people to open up and express themselves in a way that they are not able to do other times during the year, it allows them to be creative and at times scary… and beautiful… here is a collection of some Halloween photos I have gathered this season.

Echo In front of a bonfire at a Charli's Famous halloween party.

A Mississippi Deer.

My Front Door.

23 October, 2008

Not Alone

Sometimes when you feel like you are all alone, you are not really that alone, no matter what you are not really alone. Somewhere out there, someone is waiting… for you to enter into their lives. Suddenly the veil is lifted and the loneliness subsides and suddenly you find yourself adrift in a world that is warmer than the world was before.

14 October, 2008

The Top

The top is where everything looks different, it all comes into perspective. Suddenly everything that is such a big deal is so small and insignificant. The top takes many forms; it can be the peak of success or just the peak… I have reached a peak and I hope to ride this out for a while. Like sitting atop a Ferris wheel, looking out at the events below.

09 October, 2008

The Beatty Street Grocery

South Jackson is known for many things, most of them not so good things. The Beatty Street Grocery is one of the few good things that South Jackson is known for. Beatty Street is a throw back to the old general stores that used to dot the Mississippi landscapes until the Wal-Mart’s moved in. Beatty Street has been around as long as most people can remember, and it has a deli attached that can serve food that can rival most store chains. Now I need to warn you, the store does not look like much inside or out, but over all it is a jewel in the heart of a city that needs as many jewels as it can get.

101 Beatty St
Jackson, MS 39201

(601) 355-0514

08 October, 2008

A Tad Political

I try not to be very political on my posts but recently the government did something that was not the best course of action. They voted to give 700 BILLION dollars to the fat pigs that got our economy into this terrible mess anyway. To me it makes no logical sense to give the irresponsible people money, especially money that is going to end up coming from the pockets of people that need it. This is how economic depressions are born, when we have political leaders that are so corrupt that they give the pigs on Wall Street more money when the people that need it can barely put food on the table, it makes NO SENSE. We all thought for a little while that maybe the politicians were smart and would not pass a bill as irresponsible as that, but alas after adding some selfish sweeteners and more pork than in a BBQ resultant, they passed it. We the PEOPLE of the United States of America do not have to stand up for corrupt politicians that think that they do not have to answer to the people; we can stand up and make our voices heard!


07 October, 2008

Mississippi State Fair

The Mississippi State Fair is one of the events that people throughout the state look forward to every year in October. Held in Jackson, Mississippi at the state fairgrounds, it is full of games and food that people usually just experience once a year, I know that I personally prefer to go at least once. I have many fond memories through my childhood of trips to the fair, some of my earliest memories actually are from the fair. The fair is more than just rides and food, they have judging for the best of the best in Mississippi. From Cars to Jam and everything in between… it gets judged and awarded, it really is one of the best traditions in the state, and after all it has lasted 149 years.

04 October, 2008

Some Crazies

I work for tech support for a major corporation in their phone and Internet repair department. I hear some really crazy things, and I write some of these down… just for kicks.

“The Internet is all I have to live for right now!”
(Oh Really! Don’t worry, I don’t have a life either.)

“Honey, I don’t think there is a modem here, I think they are fucking around with my brain, excuse the language.”
(Well isn’t that special!... EVERYONE with our services has a modem!)

“That’s goofy! OH WOW, It works!”
(Oh Wow! I know what I am talking about!)

“You know, people can’t live without internet.”
(Is that why the suicide level jumps when the internet goes out?)

“I have gotten my big computer out of the pawn shop.”
(Interesting… was it next to the big guns?)

“Hello… I’m calling about my phone…. Apparently I don’t have any tones… in my phone.”
(Have some happy pills this morning?)

“We don’t have any high speed in our house today.”
(So everyone is rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyy slow?)

“I am an illiterate computer.”
(I believe you!)

“I should unscrew the cable from the outback?”
(Let’s go outback tonight!)

02 October, 2008


Cingular has been dead and gone a while now, at least since AT&T took over. With the death of the orange Cingular logo, one of the most unique mobile phone characters in history died with it, I think that was sadder than the fact that suddenly I was with AT&T. I liked the Cingular Guy and I kinda miss him. This building is part of what was once the Jackson Light Company on Highway 80 just across from Battlefield Park in South Jackson, it is now part of the Jackson Enterprise Center home to many up and coming businesses in the area. I am not certain of the original intent of the odd shape of the roof, but it always reminds me of the Cingular Guy, and now it makes me wish that AT&T would find a way to revive him… maybe blue rather than orange. You know my very first cell phone came in a box that had him on it that said “I’m Cingular and I think you are too!” Oh how I miss the little guy… you know, I am Cingular, and I always will be.

01 October, 2008

Seasons Change

October is the month that contains the most interesting holiday in modern history, Halloween. This holiday gives people the chance to portray themselves in a manner not normally seen; they can be anyone or anything they choose. Most social conventions are thrown out the door, and the world slips into a controlled Macabre of dark fantasies from the deepest darkest corners of the mind… but just for one day, after all it is in good fun.


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