02 October, 2008


Cingular has been dead and gone a while now, at least since AT&T took over. With the death of the orange Cingular logo, one of the most unique mobile phone characters in history died with it, I think that was sadder than the fact that suddenly I was with AT&T. I liked the Cingular Guy and I kinda miss him. This building is part of what was once the Jackson Light Company on Highway 80 just across from Battlefield Park in South Jackson, it is now part of the Jackson Enterprise Center home to many up and coming businesses in the area. I am not certain of the original intent of the odd shape of the roof, but it always reminds me of the Cingular Guy, and now it makes me wish that AT&T would find a way to revive him… maybe blue rather than orange. You know my very first cell phone came in a box that had him on it that said “I’m Cingular and I think you are too!” Oh how I miss the little guy… you know, I am Cingular, and I always will be.

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