08 October, 2008

A Tad Political

I try not to be very political on my posts but recently the government did something that was not the best course of action. They voted to give 700 BILLION dollars to the fat pigs that got our economy into this terrible mess anyway. To me it makes no logical sense to give the irresponsible people money, especially money that is going to end up coming from the pockets of people that need it. This is how economic depressions are born, when we have political leaders that are so corrupt that they give the pigs on Wall Street more money when the people that need it can barely put food on the table, it makes NO SENSE. We all thought for a little while that maybe the politicians were smart and would not pass a bill as irresponsible as that, but alas after adding some selfish sweeteners and more pork than in a BBQ resultant, they passed it. We the PEOPLE of the United States of America do not have to stand up for corrupt politicians that think that they do not have to answer to the people; we can stand up and make our voices heard!


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