11 December, 2008

Mississippi Slushie


Winter in Mississippi is not a very wintery event usually, believe me when we found out that it was supposed to snow we were very shocked and surprised. However when a majority of our state turned into a big slush puppie (minus the flavor)… needless to say I am sad. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have built a rare Mississippi snowman to post on here… but instead y’all will have to handle a bit of wet snow on a trampoline in a flooded back yard. Tonight, we get to have tons of fun… when most of this turns into rare Mississippi Ice!!!!



Mel said...

Think 'ice skating'!

Ya know.....run, plant your feets and slideeeeeee.

Very fun with shoes.
Not so fun with tires. ;-)

uncertainhorizon said...

I'm thinking, not so fun with your butt either! lol... it didn't last but a day.

Nick said...


I went Ice-Skating just last Sunday! To Kew Gardens, a Victorian - alchemy inspiried park. Was fantastic - will put some pictures up shortly!

How are things in the land of the buy one get one free ? ;D

uncertainhorizon said...

Well considering I just got a new phone number from the land of the Union Jack... good...


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