04 December, 2008

New Era

I stand at the end of an era, one that for once I had control over… and I prepare to embark on yet another adventure one that requires a little more preparation, that I must have a minor adventure first. I am ready; I am so very ready for what is to come… words can not express adequately how excited I am to embark on the adventure that is my life and to run full speed into the uncertain horizon.

About the photo: I used to work at this very store, Linens ‘N Things at Dogwood Festival Market in Flowood, Mississippi. I was shocked to discover that the company had filed for bankruptcy and all the stores were closing. The people I worked with at this location were among the best people I had ever had the privilege of ever knowing, and I hope they all fair well in this new era in their lives.


Nick said...

To The Gemini an ocean away . . . I have a new blog!

Deleted by old one by accedent . . . one too many martinis lol

Hope you are well?


Mel said...

New eras, new opportunities, new adventures....

How very exciting for you and for those whose lives you touch.


uncertainhorizon said...

A chance to touch new lives. :-)


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