31 January, 2009


Life is naturally chaotic, but that is the appeal… there is nothing more fun that enjoying life at its best. I’m not saying I enjoy “Drama” or anything of the sort, I am simply stating that not all chaos is bad, and if you look at it for what it really is, it is quite a beautiful thing.

This piece of art hangs in my bedroom, the title is Sunrise over Beekman Place, it was originally done as a set piece for Mame (Black Rose Theatre 2008). I felt that I had put a piece of me into this, and I loved it, so after the run of the show, it made it’s way home with me and now adorns my bedroom…


Mel said...

Wow.....now that's a piece to look at! Well done.

And dunno about drama (that one I'll leave to those who enjoy it).
I do know that me and my attitude dictate my perceptions when I let 'em.

You painted that, huh?
<-- can't draw a stick person to save her life

uncertainhorizon said...

LOL, you could paint that, it is just splatters, a great way to relieve stress and create an interesting work of art. I do paint occasionally, and bead, and any other craft I can grapple with. I'm not the best, but it is fun and I like being creative. Now the drama, most people immediately associate Drama with negativity, but they neglect to think that for every negative there is a positive, so when you have 100,000,000 positive things coming at you, that in itself is chaotic drama, but it is not negative, it is positive... it all depends on how you look at it.

String said...

I like that! I haven't done much splatter but it sure looks like fun!

Mel said...

Methinks you missed the part about not being able to draw a stick person. LOL

And you believe I could splatter?!

Any bets on how much would hit the canvas.
Fingerpainting.....now THAT--I can do. :-)

uncertainhorizon said...

String, thank you!!!! You should do more, great fun!

Mel, forget the stick figures, use a stick to splash the paint!!! lol!


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