28 February, 2009

Cusp of Greatness

Today I am on the cusp… The cusp of something grand and wondrous… I am approaching an adventure that evokes emotions inside that I can not explain. I am very hopeful and excited about what could come of this adventure and of the unknown that lies on the other side of this. I am ready to cross into the unknown, and I am not frightened…

15 February, 2009


Each one of us has many sides that we show depending on the situation. We like to think in our minds that we are always the same person, and yet we sometimes miss the reality that we are not. This is not a bad thing, this is usually self preservation at it’s finest…

12 February, 2009

Byram Swinging Bridge

Through my life there has been many times where I have realized that as we grow older we are replaced with something new and better. This is one of the most unfair realities of life, and it applies to landmarks and in many cases people. It pains me to see something forgotten and left to the ravages of time, especially when it still has so much to offer.

This photo is of the historic Swinging Bridge in Byram, Mississippi and its newer replacement. The Swinging Bridge was at one time the only crossing across the Pearl River at this location, until the 1980’s when there was an incident involving an 18-Wheeler that damaged the bridge beyond repair for vehicular traffic. However the bridge does bring back memories for many people who remember riding across it and feeling the entire bridge sway beneath them, in fact an adult walking across it can make the bridge move. The bridge itself is unique as in that it was built during the Second World War by German POW’s located at one of the POW camps in the state. It is the only example of a suspension bridge to my knowledge in the state of Mississippi, and if the state/ any government agency were smart they would preserve this historic landmark and repair it to the degree that perhaps a park overlooking the river could be built and the bridge could be enjoyed for many generations to come.

10 February, 2009


Australia my heart goes out to you,
And to those that have to begin anew.
My heart aches for those in pain,
As they search through the embers in vain.
The horrors the fair nation is enduring,
The people that are now in mourning.
Australia the fair nation is burning,
Australia for you our tears are falling.
The people of Australia will endure,
Their hearts are strong and pure.
Australia will once again stand tall and fair,
A southern land beautiful and rare.

The land of the Southern Cross is on fire… the natural disaster that the fair nation is enduring of strife and terror. My own Mississippi has suffered similar disasters, entire towns were destroyed by Katrina, and many lives were lost. From this experience, I know that in these trying times the nation will come together and endure. My heart goes out to all of the people of Australia as they endure the hell that they are now facing.


History has a way of bubbling up, and you find things from your past that you never expected to find. The beauty of these surprises can shock and amaze and you must embrace your past and incorporate this into which you are now.

About the photo: While taking some photos of the swinging bridge in Byram, Mississippi I came across these fossil beds under the bridge. Mississippi was once under water this has led to most of our fossils being of the marine variety.

07 February, 2009

Clean Slate

I open my eyes, the sunlight streaming through the window… the cool air against my skin making me huddle under my blankets a few minutes more. The sounds from the house reverberating through my ears, my thoughts drift… my thoughts always drift. A feeling overcomes me as I realize that I have awoken to yet another day, one that is new and full of promise. I never know what the day will eventually bring, but I do know that each day starts with the same potential to be better than the last, that is one gift we are all blessed with, a chance to start over every few hours… we just have to take that chance and challenge.

03 February, 2009


Light shines through the old window,
Illuminating the entire room.
Shadows move in the golden light,
As the sun moves along it’s daily course.

The sound of a passing crow,
Echo’s throughout the silent room.
The Sun moves further toward Night,
Faster than a galloping horse.

The Moon will soon come to play,
As the night birds will sing their tune.
Moonshine will replace the sun’s glow,
As the night breeze steals the warmth of day.

The cool air moves my way,
As my world grows as silent as a tomb.
Tired my eyes will grow,
As to dreams my thoughts will sway.

My mind drifts into another realm,
Of fright and fantasy, for at least the night.
Colors flash through this world,
But all to short it does last.

But soon consciousness takes the helm,
As once again the world turns bright.
A New day the world does move toward,
One unlike any past.

About the Photo: This photo was taken at Spirit Hill Pond in Pearl, Mississippi… I was experimenting with my new camera!


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