03 February, 2009


Light shines through the old window,
Illuminating the entire room.
Shadows move in the golden light,
As the sun moves along it’s daily course.

The sound of a passing crow,
Echo’s throughout the silent room.
The Sun moves further toward Night,
Faster than a galloping horse.

The Moon will soon come to play,
As the night birds will sing their tune.
Moonshine will replace the sun’s glow,
As the night breeze steals the warmth of day.

The cool air moves my way,
As my world grows as silent as a tomb.
Tired my eyes will grow,
As to dreams my thoughts will sway.

My mind drifts into another realm,
Of fright and fantasy, for at least the night.
Colors flash through this world,
But all to short it does last.

But soon consciousness takes the helm,
As once again the world turns bright.
A New day the world does move toward,
One unlike any past.

About the Photo: This photo was taken at Spirit Hill Pond in Pearl, Mississippi… I was experimenting with my new camera!


String said...

really nice write...could feel it - made me long for the country!

Mel said...

Very nice.

Especially liked "Moonshine will replace the sun’s glow,
As the night breeze steals the warmth of day."

Cuz that's my experience, sitting on the patio swing.
It goes where the two foot of snow currently is.

Drat the groundhoggy guy anyway!
Pffffffftttttt!!!!! :-P

uncertainhorizon said...

Thanks for the compliments, the cold has invaded Mississippi as well... its -1*C here tonight, with a low of -7*C... but alas, no snow!


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