10 February, 2009


Australia my heart goes out to you,
And to those that have to begin anew.
My heart aches for those in pain,
As they search through the embers in vain.
The horrors the fair nation is enduring,
The people that are now in mourning.
Australia the fair nation is burning,
Australia for you our tears are falling.
The people of Australia will endure,
Their hearts are strong and pure.
Australia will once again stand tall and fair,
A southern land beautiful and rare.

The land of the Southern Cross is on fire… the natural disaster that the fair nation is enduring of strife and terror. My own Mississippi has suffered similar disasters, entire towns were destroyed by Katrina, and many lives were lost. From this experience, I know that in these trying times the nation will come together and endure. My heart goes out to all of the people of Australia as they endure the hell that they are now facing.


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