12 February, 2009

Byram Swinging Bridge

Through my life there has been many times where I have realized that as we grow older we are replaced with something new and better. This is one of the most unfair realities of life, and it applies to landmarks and in many cases people. It pains me to see something forgotten and left to the ravages of time, especially when it still has so much to offer.

This photo is of the historic Swinging Bridge in Byram, Mississippi and its newer replacement. The Swinging Bridge was at one time the only crossing across the Pearl River at this location, until the 1980’s when there was an incident involving an 18-Wheeler that damaged the bridge beyond repair for vehicular traffic. However the bridge does bring back memories for many people who remember riding across it and feeling the entire bridge sway beneath them, in fact an adult walking across it can make the bridge move. The bridge itself is unique as in that it was built during the Second World War by German POW’s located at one of the POW camps in the state. It is the only example of a suspension bridge to my knowledge in the state of Mississippi, and if the state/ any government agency were smart they would preserve this historic landmark and repair it to the degree that perhaps a park overlooking the river could be built and the bridge could be enjoyed for many generations to come.


String said...

Ah, what fun! Can you still use it or is it unsafe now?

uncertainhorizon said...

You can walk across it, no driving.

Mel said...

Wow......feels just like home!
I love walking across ours...even if I have to hold on to the side and my equalibrium goes whackos....LOL

Anonymous said...

It was not built by German POWs during WWII.

It was built in 1905 at the order of a consortium of Hinds and Rankin County landowners.

It is in the National Register of Historic Places and you may find more information about the bridge at that site.

Consuelo and Mahlon said...

As of today, the bridge is not accessible due to flooding Of the Pearl River.


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