29 March, 2009


Dreams are the things we cling to, we hold onto them for dear life hoping with all our being that we will not watch them shatter around us into the dust of a trillion stars. We never imagine that they will come true, but we relish the hope that they provide, and yet when the impossible becomes a reality… we are stunned. And then the dream becomes a building block, stronger than diamonds.

My oldest and seeming to me impossible dream: become a world traveler, leave my continent behind and see another. This dream has become a reality, and now the world has opened her arms and shown me that I can visit the places in my dreams.

28 March, 2009


I’ve never met anyone that made me feel the way that you do,
These feelings have surprised me and made me realize.
The world has opened her arms and shown me something new,
Something that was already right in front of my eyes.
My heart has never loved quite like this,
It has never fully belonged to anyone until you.
The time that we are forced apart,
It is you that my heart does miss.
I feel we are counted among the few,
The lucky ones that are joined by the heart.
That is if not by our hands, or a kiss.

Sometimes love makes us cross bridges we never knew we were able to cross, sometimes it can drain oceans… and bridge hearts. It is one of the things that we never can fully understand, sometimes we think we have it… and then we are proven terribly wrong, or shown what it really is, usually when we least expect it.

10 March, 2009

Backyard Spring

Mississippi is one of the places that seasons make no real sense, we wear shorts one day… and the next night it snows. Right now we are in a very warm spring-like period, and all the plants are starting to bloom and all the insects are coming out to play. I do know that this early spring may very well be short lived, for I know that winter can strike back at any moment before the end of March and these delicate redbud blooms will be frozen sadly away, and the poor bumblebees will have to huddle for warmth. However for now they mingle, giving me a glimpse of what is coming.

On another note, this will most likely be my last blog post before my long awaited trip to the United Kingdom, where I will be sure to give the world a glimpse through my eyes of a completely different part of the world.

04 March, 2009

the Changing Face of Love

People come into your lives for many different reasons… and sometimes they have to leave. Some of these people create within us intense emotions; these people are immediately or at times over time placed on a pedestal. Love is definitely a complex emotion, and I personally believe that once we love someone, that we never truly stop loving them. I have been told by many different people with many different situations that I am wrong, but in each case I have been able to make my case and have them leave the conversation thinking… Love never ends, it only changes forms… now you may never want to see someone ever again, for whatever reason... but somewhere buried deep inside you is still a little bit of the love that once dominated the relationship. It never will cease to fully exist, it will always be there to remind you of what was once were, and what in most cases may never be again. The trick to this knowledge is accepting, and moving forward… there are more people for you to meet, and more people to place on a pedestal, someone will eventually prove themselves worthy of your love, and they will hopefully in turn place you on a pedestal… and send you love equally in turn.

03 March, 2009

Hearts United

I was once half a person, going through life looking… searching for something. Now that I have unexpectedly found my other half, I feel as if anything is possible. With you I can conquer oceans, and fly through the air. With you I can unite nations to bring our hearts together. Life is beautiful and I am ecstatic to share that beauty with you. Together we will see the planet, hand in hand we will stand on foreign shores, and marvel at the beauty that pales in comparison to you.


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