10 March, 2009

Backyard Spring

Mississippi is one of the places that seasons make no real sense, we wear shorts one day… and the next night it snows. Right now we are in a very warm spring-like period, and all the plants are starting to bloom and all the insects are coming out to play. I do know that this early spring may very well be short lived, for I know that winter can strike back at any moment before the end of March and these delicate redbud blooms will be frozen sadly away, and the poor bumblebees will have to huddle for warmth. However for now they mingle, giving me a glimpse of what is coming.

On another note, this will most likely be my last blog post before my long awaited trip to the United Kingdom, where I will be sure to give the world a glimpse through my eyes of a completely different part of the world.


Mel said...

Oh it's lovely......and what a send off for the trip abroad!

I wish for good things for your journey--in many ways.
Enjoy the adventures and the discoveries.
And be sure to indulge in a good English pub dinner.

Safe journey, sir.
And have a wondrous time of it!

uncertainhorizon said...

Thank You Mel!!! I will have fun, and you're right... if not for this bloody pollen! It's Everywhere!!!

String said...

Bon Voyage!


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