28 March, 2009


I’ve never met anyone that made me feel the way that you do,
These feelings have surprised me and made me realize.
The world has opened her arms and shown me something new,
Something that was already right in front of my eyes.
My heart has never loved quite like this,
It has never fully belonged to anyone until you.
The time that we are forced apart,
It is you that my heart does miss.
I feel we are counted among the few,
The lucky ones that are joined by the heart.
That is if not by our hands, or a kiss.

Sometimes love makes us cross bridges we never knew we were able to cross, sometimes it can drain oceans… and bridge hearts. It is one of the things that we never can fully understand, sometimes we think we have it… and then we are proven terribly wrong, or shown what it really is, usually when we least expect it.


Mel said...

The city, the country....the heart in the distance, the piece you brought with you....


Welcome back--bittersweet, no doubt.

String said...

Okay when you coming back! LOL...glad to hear it was so lovely for you!

uncertainhorizon said...

Mel... I lost the sweet, coming back was just bitter... and I still miss the place, and the one I left behind just as bad as when I landed.

String, I may not be back for a year, planning a trip for two to New York now, but I will be back... no doubt.


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