03 March, 2009

Hearts United

I was once half a person, going through life looking… searching for something. Now that I have unexpectedly found my other half, I feel as if anything is possible. With you I can conquer oceans, and fly through the air. With you I can unite nations to bring our hearts together. Life is beautiful and I am ecstatic to share that beauty with you. Together we will see the planet, hand in hand we will stand on foreign shores, and marvel at the beauty that pales in comparison to you.


Mel said...

Oh this sounds so familiar to me....

I used to say:
Me here.
You there.
No fair.

Oh, but what a glorious reunion we had every time.

uncertainhorizon said...

It isn't fair, but the uniting is part of the battle that brings you closer together, and the distance makes you stronger.


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