13 April, 2009

The Fool

Many times through our lives we start anew, at these times we are naive and many consider us foolish. The fact is that in these instances, we are brave and facing uncertainty, and we may even consider ourselves foolish. When we forge ahead and make our own path and everyone looks at what we have done in shock, at that exact moment we realize that playing the fool is not as bad as it seems.

Never be afraid to take the path unbeaten, go against the grain… this is your life, make the most of it, there is no shame in that.

(About the Photo: One of the many Shakespeare memorials in Stratford-Upon-Avon)


String said...

That's a great pic...I love the Fool, one of my favorite archetypes!

uncertainhorizon said...

It is one of mine too, most people take the fool literaly, but from my time as a Tarot reader, I have come to learn that it is a good thing.

Mel said...

That path less traveled is what brought me to here--and while it might have been a difficult path to follow...it was worth the journey.

You do not travel alone, yaknow..

Awesome photo, btw!

String said...

I have two Tarot earrings, the Fool and Death.

Silver Solo said...

I won't hold back anything; and I'll walk away a fool or a king.
~Billy Joel

uncertainhorizon said...

Mel I also would change nothing about my past... Glad you like the photo.

I love Tarot, String... I would love to see the earrings.

Brilliant quote silver... Billy Joel Rocks.


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