27 May, 2009

A Light...

When life gets dark and things seem like you are forever trapped in the darkness that life throws at you. Just when you are about to give up and allow the waves to smash you upon the rocks… Just when you need it most. A light. The light will guide you from the darkness, back into the beautiful reality that is life.

The light is different for every situation and for each person, it is what brings comfort and lets you know that no matter what… things will soon right themselves.

(The photo is one of Mississippi’s most famous landmarks, The Biloxi lighthouse. Built in 1848 it has survived the civil war, and numerous destructive hurricanes including Camille and Katrina. It is currently displayed on the Mississippi automobile tags.)

22 May, 2009


Things change through our life, things that we do not necessarily want to change. Change usually comes in a violent abusive manner, sometimes it comes as a breeze on a summer day. No matter how it comes, it usually is met with opposition, but it will always persevere and we will adapt to the new environment we are forced into.

(This is a view of the Biloxi-Gulfport area; it was nearly completely destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina… most of what you see here are the people of Mississippi raising like a phoenix from the debris that Katrina left in her wake.)

04 May, 2009

Things Lost... Returned!

Things done as a child can linger as memories for the rest of your life, and sometimes doing those things can make feelings long dead come back. I’ve managed to bring many of these feelings back to life when I rediscovered things from my youth… things like fishing. I’ve even had a chance to share these memories and feelings with friends and loved ones, and introduced some of these to a new generation creating new memories.

This is life, not that washed down version we get on a daily basis when we do what we always do… this is really living: experience, love, memories.

About the photo: Crystal Lake in Flowood, Mississippi. Created when the Pearl River was straightened during the construction of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. This former river channel is no longer connected to the Pearl River and is maintained by several former river tributaries.


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