04 May, 2009

Things Lost... Returned!

Things done as a child can linger as memories for the rest of your life, and sometimes doing those things can make feelings long dead come back. I’ve managed to bring many of these feelings back to life when I rediscovered things from my youth… things like fishing. I’ve even had a chance to share these memories and feelings with friends and loved ones, and introduced some of these to a new generation creating new memories.

This is life, not that washed down version we get on a daily basis when we do what we always do… this is really living: experience, love, memories.

About the photo: Crystal Lake in Flowood, Mississippi. Created when the Pearl River was straightened during the construction of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. This former river channel is no longer connected to the Pearl River and is maintained by several former river tributaries.


String said...

As a kid I spent much time hiking in the wilderness...we went on a long hike on a hill not far from here yesterday and I was thinking the same thing and feeling quite alive!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh......what a beautiful place. And what a well written truth.

It's why I draw on sidewalks and fingerpaint and blow bubbles.

Feels right...and it brings me great joy.

uncertainhorizon said...

Iy is a great place... Like most places in Mississippi though, its not a natural beauty though.


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