09 June, 2009


Dark clouds tend to gather at times when they are not needed, and they threaten to ruin every chance for sun possible. But the sun is triumphant, returning even after the darkest days, providing light and warmth… just when you thought you would never see it again.

We often forget that things will soon be better, especially in our darkest moments when we are blinded by self-pity. When the clouds do part and we do finally receive warmth and light, we often do not know how we allowed ourselves sink so deep into the darkness of despair. I am personally very guilty of this very thing, and in my darkest moments, it is very hard to remind yourself that it will get better… and perseverance does not always seem like an option. However even the largest deserts have an end, and the gifts of the journey make it worth it in the long run.

(Photo: Crossgates Lake in Brandon, Mississippi.)

06 June, 2009


Dreams start out as small streams flowing through our lives, and as we go forward… they grow. Soon our dreams are so big, that they overflow their original banks and spill over into every aspect of our lives.

Suddenly we are faced with a question, what do we do with this?

The answer is simple, and often over looked. Jump in feet first, and let it surround you... you never really know what is possible.

(About the photo: The Mississippi River in Vicksburg, Mississippi at Sunset.)

04 June, 2009


Often we forget about things that once meant something to us, and we leave it where time can ravage it and take it for its own. It is not done for any reason; it just happens… we tend to cast things aside until we realize that it’s still there. The problem with this, is the fact that when we usually realize what we had, it is too late to save it.

The trick is, to hold on to it as long as you can… and cherish it… before you lose it.

03 June, 2009


Life is full of moments; they are the things that actually make life so wonderful. There is just one problem about the moments, they are fleeting. Before we have a chance, to really take the moment in, it is gone and all that is left is a memory… a memory that will forever be cherished.


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