06 June, 2009


Dreams start out as small streams flowing through our lives, and as we go forward… they grow. Soon our dreams are so big, that they overflow their original banks and spill over into every aspect of our lives.

Suddenly we are faced with a question, what do we do with this?

The answer is simple, and often over looked. Jump in feet first, and let it surround you... you never really know what is possible.

(About the photo: The Mississippi River in Vicksburg, Mississippi at Sunset.)


Mel said...

I really like how you put the solution.

Jump in with both feet and let it surround you.

(splash a little and laugh alot!)

uncertainhorizon said...

I like that!!!!!

Lemon said...

Yes, too true! Annie Dillard wrote a passage saying that life is like a tackle in football, you have to give everything you have into that one leap to grab the guy in front of you, but if you don't put everything into that one leap, you won't be successful. I think dreams are the same way, and it's that "jumping in" the water that means you are accepting it as your dream and giving it your all.


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