15 September, 2009

Finding Yourself

You never expect to play a part, to fall so deep into a role that you lose yourself so completely that you are shocked when you finally recognize yourself in the mirror. As we sit going through the things that we forgot, things that are now so foreign… and yet they are a part of ourselves. And then there are times when you finally realize how unique you really are, and how the beauty slipped through your fingers… and the stars fall from the sky like shimmers of glitter into a sea of black… and you are left with the impression of fleeting loss… and it is hard to explain, and you feel so alone, and it takes a magical moment for the stars to reappear. It is when you can finally see things the way they are, that you can finally feel whole again, finally comfortable in your own skin.

About the Image: A Carolina Anole common to Mississippi is known for its chameleon like camouflage to disappear from predators.


String said...

lovely and poetic, with such imagry - hope you are ok -

uncertainhorizon said...

I am ok. Just searching for something I can not find.


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