01 October, 2009


We live our lives seeking the comfort of others, hoping to find that other soul to compete us. I’m not sure what the total drive is to find this essence, the being that we feel is our other half. I myself have been on that mission since I was maybe 16 and started feeling that something was missing. I discovered that having someone that is there and you know intimately, both physically and emotionally, is a feeling that can not compare. However this other soul should be an essence that serves to enhance our being, not become something that eclipses our own essence. They should work together to achieve greatness within the world, hand in hand. I think we as a people search specifically for the feeling of intense love that we have in the beginning of our relationships, we forget that it will fade and you will be left with something that is even better, a love that will not fade. It is the intense love that will eventually fade, and if that is all the relationship has, it will fail. This is what I see happening all around me and it has happened in my own relationships as well… and I have been helpless to stop it. Now I can stand alone and look, and know the truth… and I can stand knowing that it does not take another being to complete me, but it would be nice to have someone to turn to.

(About the Photo: A Long figure in the sunset at Lakeshore Park on the Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi.)


String said...

So true. I have been one for long term relationships so can very much testify for the endurance of love...at the same time have known those who want the quick fix of intensity continually.

uncertainhorizon said...

The quick fix never works... I've been looking for the long term, and the people that I date seem to want the quick fix.


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