16 December, 2009

Do They Know...

Ready for it or not, the holiday season is upon us. I see many people celebrating with lights, trees, and gifts. I can’t help but think of those who do without; these are the people that live in the third world, or the people just around the corner. These people are forgotten, and it is this time of the year where we need to take the time… and, regardless of the economy, anything we can spare and share what we do have. Many of us go our lives and we take for granted what we have, and we never take the time to remember those that stand in the shadows.

About the Photo: This is my friend Jessica’s Christmas tree, it is blue and silver… my favorite colors on a tree. The Holiday season is full of beauty and I would hope good cheer, no matter the Holiday you happen to celebrate!

Some notable charities:


String said...

Yes, I agree! Lovely tree as well!

uncertainhorizon said...

thank you string... it is wonderful to see you!!!

redravens said...

We're taking our load of clothing donations over to Good Samaritan in Jackson tomorrow. They are saying they're low on children's and men's clothing. Usually I take to Gateway in Pearl (we really like them and support them by shopping there when we can and making miscellaneous donations throughout the year). They do actually receive massive quantities of donations from what I've seen though, so this time we'll drive just a little further over into Jackson instead since they seem to have a greater need for it over that way at this time (though I can't say for sure because it will be the first time I've ever been to this particular donation site.

It's not very often that I have money to give especially in December, so this is usually when I do the closet clean-outs at my house to pass things along. Though I have to do the same thing when it gets near summer.

Anyway, just chiming in. Good post Grant. Thanks for sharing the kind thoughts and photo of the beautiful tree too. Happy holidays to you and everyone who passes by to read your post too! :)

uncertainhorizon said...

Lisa, This time of year... It does not matter what you give, or how much... Just the fact that you took the time to think of someone in need. Happy Solstice and Yuletide Blessings be with you and your family.... Love Rev. Grant.


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