02 December, 2009

look Again

Things can be viewed from many different points of reference, and you may think you really see something, but in reality you are not even seeing a third of what it really is. The trick is to see from all aspects, that is something that I wonder is even possible. Our species is capable of so much, and yet so many of our people neglect to actually “see” they take what is there and they go with it. They do not allow it to grow, they do not mold it, and they simply accept it and move on. This is not what is always best; it causes stagnation and that is a downfall. Stagnation is never a good thing, it leads to acceptance, and eventually cession of growth… and growth is needed for survival. All of our achievements were done by someone taking a bold step to look at a problem from a new perspective, and in doing so we found the solution; for all we know the key to our deepest mysteries may be just as simple.

About the Photo: This graffiti adorns the back of an administration trailer in Brandon Park. Graffiti fascinates me, it is often an overlooked and scorned form of art, I think this one displays a message that can be truly taken to heart.

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