29 December, 2010


Yes, these are my feet… tucked away in my DC’s surrounded by the leaves that have fallen from the trees.   Simplicity is the way to go on occasion, forget the over details that can sometimes take control, and leave us with less than we began with.   Simplicity, sometimes can be what we need, just enough… more than most…

27 December, 2010


Another Christmas season has come and gone, and we are on the cusp of yet another new year. A whole new beginning, something that we get everyday but on a grander scale every year and decade, it is up to us individually what we make of these constant new starts. Every day across the planet there are people that are held back for various reasons: economic, health, war. Then there are people that forget, we forget that there are still in need, people all over the world… and even in our own cities. Although Christmas is over, we still can not allow ourselves to become complacent. Please still consider giving to charities of your choice, throughout the year. Christmas may come once a year, but people don’t stop needing after Christmas ends.

Charities that I Endorse and Support:







27 November, 2010

Frosty Morning

Our lives go through many changes, sometimes suddenly, and we are caught unexpectedly in the cold.   When we are caught in the sudden winter, we think that the sun will never again warm our faces and we forget that the cycle will continue and things will soon begin anew. 

The weather in Mississippi is very unpredictable, one day it can be 80˚F (26˚C) and the next it can snow.   This has happened more often in recent years, you can call it global warming or climate change… it can be natural or man influenced, but it is obvious that something is happening.  Just a few days ago we were wearing shorts and sweating, and this morning our world was covered in ice and it was a nice 28˚F (-2˚C).  While this leads to a beautiful frosty world, it does wreak havoc on our bodies, as well as confusion over our wardrobe. 

23 November, 2010


Here we are on the cusp of yet another holiday season, and I can't help but think that we forget at times what the holidays are really  about. Well after much meditation and soul searching, the answer came to me.. Community. That is truly what it is about, we may not realize it, but if we sit and think.. even for a second, we will realize how very lucky to have such a wonderful network of people.

Sometimes when I feel the loneliest, I think of the people that I can count on, and these are the people that I hope can count on me. These people range from my family, to my friends, and the people somehow manage to bend the family/friend barrier. But I am also lucky to count each and everyone of you in my extended community. So no matter what holiday's you celebrate, be it Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, or even the upcoming Thanksgiving. I hope that each and every one of your lives are filled with love, and prosperity, and I offer a small blessing to each of you, including the people that have come into our lives, and may have stepped out.

"To put the world right in order,
we must first put the nation in order;
To put the nation in order,
we must first put the family in order;
To put the family in order,
we must first cultivate our personal life;
We must first set our hearts right."

Brightest Blessings

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17 November, 2010


Things are not always strictly what they appears to be when you first look at them. It takes further inspection to look into things and see more of the details that exist within. We often forget to look, and truly see. We are all guilty of this sin… I challenge you all to look at something you see everyday, really look at it. You may be surprised at things you forgot were there, or you never noticed before.

This frog is an interpretation of the Froggie that is on my foot. It is a line drawing in the style of few I have done in the past, they are very time consuming.

This is Postcard Postcard: US-909504 on Postcrossing.

10 November, 2010


It is has been written many times in the past, in many forms. “The world is lacking in Love.”  I believe this is true whole heartedly, with more love in our hearts we could do so much good for the world around us.  From helping the less fortunate, to doing more little things for those around us… the world would just be a better place.  However I fear that we have more negativity and distrust, and this is more abundant than that one little four letter word.  L*O*V*E 

This is Postcard Postcard: US-894117 on Postcrossing.

23 October, 2010

Accidental Collection

I never meant to start a collection of postcards… it started innocent, I joined a facebook group for people that liked postcards. Suddenly people started asking me to send them postcards to add to their collection, and they sent me one in return. Before long my collection started to grow, and then I discovered postcrossing, and I became an addict. It is all innocent fun though, I get a glimpse into another’s world, and they get a glimpse into mine…. All with a small 4x6 image with some words on the back.

Mississippi Postcards

05 October, 2010

The Return

The second time in my life I ventured into the city that at many points in history was the capitol of 25% of the planet, including what would become Mississippi. I walked among its beautiful streets, mingled with its inhabitants… and forgot about everything that would be waiting for me when I returned. I allowed myself to get lost, and to forget the sins of the past.

You see I went to London for a second chance, a chance to erase some of the feelings from long ago. I needed it for me, and the catharsis that I received from being there was a perfect experience. It allowed me to shed the cloud that followed me and to move on… to something new.

28 August, 2010

The Value of Humanity

Mississippi is a product of a conflicted past. Marked with glory, chivalry, as well as inhuman brutality; the same can be said for the entire southern United States that made up the Slave States and the Confederate States of America. It amazes me to see relics of the old south, the plantation homes, (Such as Rosalie in Natchez, Mississippi in the photo.) the elegance and wealth that was the Old South. However if you look deeper the truth is easily known, no matter how beautiful or elegant it was… it was built on the backs of people that were not considered people. While I believe that dwelling on past horrors is futile, we must not forget what was done; and we must stop it from happening again. Right now Slavery still exists in some parts of the world, either in the open or behind closed doors, we need to all work together and end this. That is the only way to redeem the sins of the past.


25 August, 2010

F is for....

FOUNTAIN. This beautiful fountain featuring playful cherubs is in Natchez, Mississippi. One of the oldest cities in Mississippi, it was founded in 1716 by the French. Natchez then went on to serve as the capitol for many countries and colonies before finally becoming part of Mississippi. Spared from damage in the Civil War, the city is a jewel in the south, with many historical buildings and homes still existing. Natchez is possibly the only surviving southern belle.




Part of the Wordless Wednesday!

Fresh Eyes

There are many times in our lives that are wonderful and yet tainted by so many things. Sadly we do not get a chance to do things over, we simply have to move on and know that things happen for a reason. What we forget is that we can do things anew, nothing stops us from taking a fresh look at something or dipping our feet back in the same ocean… things change.

Tower Bridge stands in London, it stands as a symbol for many in the UK, and the world. For me it is one of these places, and I know that someday I will get a chance to make new memories, and remove the taint that exists for me…. To see it with new eyes.

07 July, 2010

A Few Simple Rules...

It would be so much easier if life came with an instruction booklet, unfortunately it does not, our best hope for learning about what we are going through is through the words and advice of others… this is the best we can hope for, never turn it away… just because you think it does not apply to you does not mean you can not use the wisdom.

Never give pass up the chance to tell someone that you care for that you love them, you never know when you might regret that missed chance.

Instrumental excluded, listen to the words of every song that you hear at least once, just because you are not a fan of the Genre does not mean that the words will not relate to you. Songs are basically just poetry set to music, and all poetry deserves due consideration, delving into someone else’s thoughts can give you insight into your own.

Never turn down a trip somewhere away from where you spend the most of your time, getting out into the world will allow you to appreciate and expand upon what is in your little corner.

Always keep a valid passport. You never know when you might need it, and in some cases it may be your escape in a time of need.

Never limit the people that come into your life simply because they are a different colour, religion, sexuality, nationality, or anything. Doing so severely limits your access to people that could potentially change your life. You never know what they have to offer, or what you may offer them.

Never dwell that you are less fortunate than those around you, and on the same aspect never allow yourself to believe that you are better than anyone else because you have more than others. Possessions are simply material things, and while they are nice… they are not everything. Be grateful for what you do have, and allow that to radiate through you.

Never be afraid to admit ignorance and weakness on any subject, doing so will open yourself up to a learning experience, and allow you to grow as a person.

Do not allow yourself to be angry at a person for any extended period of time, anger can easily turn to resent and hate and slowly eat away at your being. It is important to quickly file away these experiences and move forward with forgiveness. Remember you never have to forget, but that is totally different from forgetting to forgive.

Even if you are no longer with the person that you were once in a relationship with, always keep photographs and love letters, these are mementos from a time that should not be forgotten. They should not be dwelled upon either, there is a time to move forward and meet another person, but it never hurts to remember times past and people past. In the same aspect never throw away old Christmas cards and birthday cards, or any cards in general, these are precious and should always be kept close to your heart.

07 June, 2010


It is time to open our eyes; we have been in the dark too long. We have put the blame of the Deep Horizon oil disaster on BP, the company that commissioned the drilling. We blame them, and spit venomous words in the direction of the company, even to the point of boycotting them. We grow disheartened that the disaster is getting worse, wondering why nothing is being done. The fact is that BP has done more than most companies would have done, they admitted the mistake immediately and have been working to fix the disaster, when was the last time a company did that? The truth is I see the fault not solely on BP, disasters will happen; it could have easily been Exxon, Shell, or any other company and it could have happened at any time.

You see, we don’t want to turn the finger in; each of us shares the blame for this disaster. I’m betting that most of you have forgotten when US gas prices soared to $4.00 a gallon; it seems to me that everyone has forgotten. The call at the time on all political fronts was “more Drilling,” “Reduce the need for foreign oil,” and my personal favorite “Drill baby, drill.” We then went about our merry way in our cars and trucks, drinking from our plastic containers changing nothing. You see, we are a greedy people, possibly more than any other nation on Earth, we like the status quo and we fight change.

Well, now we have an unprecedented disaster on our hands and that very resource we covet is costing lives of our animals and polluting our Gulf. Like I said, we blame this on BP and their inability to fix it, well they will get it fixed and we will clean up, and then like the $4.00 a gallon gas we will forget about it… at least until it happens again.

NO! We can not allow this to happen again, we as people need to turn our fingers inward and realize that we have a hand at this very disaster. It is as much our fault as it is BP’s and we need to do something to keep it from happening again. I will tell you that Boycotting one company will not do it; there are many others in its place. We need to change our ways, we need legislation to force companies to move us to renewable resources, and reduce our need for oil completely. We need to offer tax credits to individuals and companies that utilize green resources such as solar panels and hybrid vehicles, and eventually make it law. We also need to make recycling the law, no longer an option; you see those plastic containers are a product of oil.

The answers are clear, we can not place blame on anyone until we ourselves realize that we have as much fault in this disaster as anyone else. We as a people need to change our ways, or be prepared to accept the consequences of our actions, the time is now before it is too late. Mississippi and the USA need to take a more active role in passing Green Legislation regardless of Big Oil, and we need to shut big oil down completely. We can no longer allow these companies to build wealth by destroying what we hold dear, and only when we stop the demand will the fault no longer lie on us.

30 May, 2010


People struggle for civil rights, and have done so since the beginning of time. We all wish to be treated with the same rights as everyone else, and alas it is not always the case that freedom is bestowed upon us all. Equality is a rare flower that grows in an unreachable place, always out of reach for many… guarded by the few. Only when we are all equal in one another’s eyes, and hate is erased… will we find peace with one another. It does not matter what we look like, who we love, or what we believe, differences need to be celebrated!

I took this photo in support of the NOH8 Campaign and the lovely work they have been doing!

21 May, 2010


Clouds have been rolling in across Mississippi, scattered showers are expected… with the sun peeking out occasionally. Life is like that in many ways, we just have to keep a look out for the sun peeking… and take the clouds as they come, after all clouds can be quite beautiful… if you really want them to be.


The Gift

I was always interested in art, as this rare surviving drawing from my childhood proves. It was done in 1998 when I was 13 years old; I had seen a documentary on Picasso and was inspired to do my own cubist interpretation. At the time it was just an experiment, crayon on paper and my imagination gone wild. I had not had any training or for that matter much of an education in the arts yet. It and one other drawing from my childhood survive through the foresight of pure luck, most things were lost in 2000 when our home was foreclosed upon and we were only able to take what we could get. The fact that it and one other survive my childhood is in it self a gift, also the name of the piece.

20 May, 2010


Many states and countries can tout of beauty fair,
with their large cities where people hurry past,
or snowcapped mountains rising far on high.

Most people who visit are unaware,
and many consider us last,
they can not see the greatness in front of their eyes.

From the Gulf of Mexico to the fertile delta land,
To tall homes of Natchez and the somber battlefields of Vicksburg,
the swamps and rivers sing as the hills in the north bloom.

Our people greet you with an open hand,
warm friendship under the song of the mockingbird,
sharing sweet tea near the fresh picked magnolia in our living room.

I look around under the warm sun,
At the beauty that can be found.
I know that no justice can be done,
For this sacred fertile ground.

The one named for a river wide and strong,
Mississippi where I belong.

Photo: The Mississippi State Capital, in Jackson.

19 May, 2010

1,000 Words

Part of the Wordless Wednesday!

The 'O'

America is full of many different restaurant chains, and I always had my preferences. I always loved O’Charley’s, the food is pure Americana, and the people always seem to be genuinely friendly. I always wondered why people I have known seemed to love to work for the company. It was not until February 2009 when I found employment with the restaurant that I discovered just how special my O’Charley’s is, we are a family. I always hope that others find a place that is as fun and supportive a place to work, I am lucky to have two wonderful jobs.

My O’Charley’s is at

430 Riverwind Drive
Pearl, MS 39208-5900
(601) 932-6575

Come eat with us sometime!

17 May, 2010

Being Human

Sometimes we have to separate ourselves from the world around us. We need to shed all that holds us down, and step out into our own. We are not defined by the status quo; we are the rebels, the revolutionaries, the ones that make a difference. We rise above the others, and do our own thing… that is the essence of being human.

04 May, 2010


Things do not always go as planned.


Ok, It is fine now…. It should not take 45 minutes to go two miles, but things are not always perfect.

This is a lesson we should all take….

Count to 10, and breathe.

It will be ok.

03 May, 2010

Tree of Ages

People call it a family tree… and its branches stretch out far around the one at the bottom, you the combination of all the people above. They all move through your veins, a piece of them forever a part of you, something to give to your children, a part of you that will not become part of the ages. They may not know the details of your life, your mundane activities, and if they search, you may simply lead to questions… but you will be there, the twinkle in their eye… their dimples, you will exist.

I learned this as I have recently been tracing my family history, and like this tree, my roots are deeper in Mississippi than I ever imagined… in fact I have to go back generations to leave the state on either side of my family. Granted my roots are not in Pascagoula at the mouth of the river, but this tree and I still have much in common. And as the oil from the worst industrial disaster to ever face our area looms, I hope that this and many other coastal areas make it through un-harmed. I hope they get this under control, this world is all we have, and we need to take care of it.

29 April, 2010

Reaching Out

It is amazing how time flows… it seems like just yesterday we were at the dawn of a new decade, and now the year is nearly half finished. So many things change, and so fast… it never ceases to amaze me. Time to me is like a river, you can’t stop it and occasionally you hit rapids or pick up people on the banks! The Mississippi River is the most important River in the United States, and here it is flowing under the I20 and Old Hwy 80 Bridges in Vicksburg, MS.

Many of you have heard about the Tornado’s that devastated my home state last week. I would like to report that I am well, my city was not affected, however Yazoo City and surrounding areas about 30 miles north were devastated, if you would like to help please visit Here and Here.

We also have another series of storms moving in this week, hopefully nothing as severe as those last week.

22 April, 2010

Scheme of Things

There are moments where we are suddenly snapped to the realization that we are small in the scheme of things, and no matter how massive we are in our own world… overall it’s not that much. I got this when I saw this couple staring at the barges along the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, MS… The size of the river, and the boats, set against the couple in a loving almost futile embrace of protection against the evils of the world, inspired the above thought.


16 April, 2010

The Res

I can list on one hand the amount of lakes and ponds that I have seen that were not man made, it is not many. Most lakes and such in Mississippi are the result of the damming of a river and the creation of a reservoir, such as the Ross Barnett Reservoir as seen here from the Natchez Trace. I feel that they man made reservoirs provide a double edges sword, many are not used effectively for flood prevention, as they were intended and therefore only serve the purpose of emergency water supply. However they are beautiful and provide a wonderful scene for many photos, and just for fun. Nothing like soaking up the sun and enjoying a beautiful day!


14 April, 2010

Monument to the Immigrant

America is a country built from immigrants, and the "Monument to the Immigrant” in New Orleans immortalizes this fact. I know a bit about my history, my ancestors on my fathers side immigrated from England before the American Revolution, my mothers side is a bit more complicated and murky, with native American influences and nationalities that I am uncertain of. Throughout my day I see faces, few of which are native to the North American Continent, and I wonder what tribulations brought their ancestors here, and I wonder the same about mine. What decisions that long ago caused them to want to cross an ocean to a land that was new. Was it the opportunity for a new life, or escaping from some injustice…. I wonder if they found what they were looking for, or if it left them homesick. Either way they were brave people, and need to be remembered.

13 April, 2010


This photo was a sudden idea, a thought… I saw an opportunity and I took the opportunity, and in one moment as become one of my favourite photos I have ever had the chance to take. When I took this photo I was walking along the Natchez Trace, on a trail behind the Boyd Site that led to the disused North Old Canton Road, conversing with nature. When you are alone, surrounded by trees and the sounds of the world around you, it reminds you how connected you are with the world and how precious it really is. Every tree, rock, animal, cloud, and person are connected; we share this little blue dot as we traverse around the sun, we may tend to forget this; come what may, we are in this together.

12 April, 2010


Spring is fully on its way out in Mississippi, the small spring and endless summer with (usually) mild winters, is what we are used to. After our unusually frigid winter, we are embracing the warmer weather, but with swimming pools set to open by the end of the month, the heat will soon be unbearable. However in the meantime the flowers are in bloom, bathing fields in colour of many shades. This is a scene I have never seen in my life, that is until today… a field of nothing but yellow flowers as far as the eye could see. It was breathtaking (and I don’t mean just because of the pollen.) The flowers are these small waxy yellow wildflowers that are common through the area, though I have never seen them in such a concentration.

10 April, 2010

Shadows of the Night

Scenery can take many shapes, from wonderful sunlit trees, to silhouettes in the early morning dark of urban landscapes. I have often seen this very scene throughout my daily activities, and once before I even snapped a similar photo on my camera phone, but it was a less advanced phone than the one I currently have. I’ve always been mesmerized by aeroplanes and air travel, I feel privileged on a daily basis to work so closely to these modern marvels.

Scenic Sunday

08 April, 2010

The Great Lucky Penny Search!

My mother started me a coin collection when I was young, we collected US coins and a few foreign (our definition of Foreign at the time was Mexico and Canada.) Since I have grown older it has grown to encompass many countries and more than just coins. I always loved how a currency can tell you so much about a country, and how they are works of art within themselves. However unlike some, I never placed any superstition or “luck” to a particular coin, until last year. On 26-March-2009 when I was in the UK, I received a random 1 penny, and I decided that it was lucky, and this penny never left my sight. Well that is until today, when at some point I lost my lucky penny. I am unsure of how or where, but I do know that it is gone, so I am on the lookout for a new lucky penny. Now I could raid my coin collection or use a US penny, but that would not be the same… I don’t feel that any of those could be my new lucky penny…. So I am reaching out to the world for help. If you would like to send me a new lucky penny, just let me know I will get you my address…. I am also willing to send one in return if you like…

06 April, 2010


There are a few things that I have forgotten, some things just tend to go away after a while… waiting to come back into your memory, usually when least expected. I remember that when I was little, there was a wisteria growing outside the back door of my house. This was not forgotten; I walked past it a million times, as it grew along our fence with its purple hanging grape-like flowers etching themselves into my memory. The smell, that is what was forgotten, I was only reminded of this when I got out of my truck today and the wind blew the sweet scent in my direction. It caused me to pause, and my memory was suddenly flooded with memories that contained that smell… it was a bit overwhelming… I was shocked that I had forgotten that the wisteria even had a scent, and now it is one of my favourite scents…

To glance into other people's world... click here.

01 April, 2010


We were walking in the warm spring air, hoping not to get covered in yellow pollen, when we happened upon this toad stalking for his night meal. You could not really see him; all you saw at first were eyes. He was very friendly; he even consented to being petted without hopping away. I love these warm nights, although it is a precursor to the heavy hot summer days, those I am not looking forward to… but they are close.

29 March, 2010


Sometimes things happen that remind you that people that are gone are still with us. I always associate Dragon Flies with a specific person who passed away in 2008, someone I have been thinking of a lot lately. So needless to say when a Dragon Fly paid a visit with me and some friends yesterday, I was very pleased and even felt at peace inside knowing that even though people are gone… a piece of them still is with you.

The last time a Dragon Fly visited… was the day that my friend left us… We miss you Loraine!

28 March, 2010

Spring in the Air

The weather is changing, and aside from a few rather cool days, I feel it is safe to say that the cold is behind us. The wild onions are blooming and the other flowers and trees are following suit, spring has arrived in Mississippi! Today I spent some time with some of my adopted-family at the Ross Barnett reservoir having a picnic and enjoying the warm Mississippi sun. It was a perfect time… one of those memories that you will cherish for all time, I am lucky for the various wonderful people in my life!

A Still of the wild onions....


Scenic Sunday

Not so still....


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