08 January, 2010


Snow does not happen in Mississippi all too often, so in early December when we were graced with the powdery sky dust… we were all a bit shocked, and assumed that would be our winter, from there it would be as mild as usual.

We were wrong. Temperatures the next few days are colder than they have been in over a decade. (Today a high of 29F -2C with a low of 18F -8C.) These frigid temperatures are not known to most Mississippians, and we have to deal with things we hardly ever have to deal with, like ice, and wind chill. I do hope that all my fellow Mississippians are safe and take proper precautions, as well as the rest of my fellow Americans on our frigid North American Continent in the massive cold that is sweeping from Canada to Florida, I also hope that everyone in other places stay safe as well. Best of Luck and Stay warm!


afv said...

Awckk...that is something! snow? Yikes! btw, thanks for following my blog.

uncertainhorizon said...

I like your blog, thats why I follow it... you are welcome though.

rio2000 said...

look like it's global warming effect
in Jakarta during the rainy season is supposed to (but very hot right now Jakarta) so as the dry season

* sorry my english bad ( i am comment with the help of google translate)

uncertainhorizon said...

It is ok that you do not speak English well, I am glad to have you visit. I agree the strange weather could very well be global warming.


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