27 February, 2010


Well my last post featured Skippy, the globe trotting kangaroo… I guess to be fair it is only right for me to do a post featuring his American cousin Allie, all over the world. It is part of human existence to have serious matters and a sense of humour… it is very important to find a balance between the two. Sometimes we forget this, and the lack of humour leaves us bitter and a bit boring. However the opposite is also true, it takes a talent to find a middle ground and allow both silly and serious to work in harmony.

26 February, 2010


The blue sky frames the Lamar Life Building in downtown Jackson, MS during Skippy’s visit in October. Skippy is a stuffed Kangaroo that hails from Perth Australia, he has visited many countries and spent some time with me last fall. He was a lot of fun, and we had some adventures and took many wonderful photos. He and his cousin Allie are always looking for places to go, adventures to have, and people to meet…


24 February, 2010


Curiosity is a quality I feel that many people loose as they grow older. I feel that we need to remember to be curious, to explore the world around us. Just as Muffin has explored this tree… we too need to climb trees, and see what is around us. As children we did this, now we are complacent… that could be our downfall.

22 February, 2010

Things Lost... and forgotten…

We live in a world where nature is warped by man to such a degree, we have genetically modified food and the other food we have is pumped up with such a large amount of preservatives and other chemicals… is it really food any more? Not to mention that many of the species that we eat on a regular basis are clones… we have been eating clones for centuries. Our common banana, our oranges, grapes, all clones from the same basic stock… one disease could wipe them out.

Not only this, but my generation does not know the basics of agriculture… if necessary only a few would know how to plant food and harvest. We do not know how to can vegetables or cure meat for storing in the winter. We have lost the basic knowledge that our ancestors held. In a few generations we have lost the knowledge of the past thousand years. We have allowed ourselves to eat poisons that are in processed foods, and we have grown used to having everything where we can go get it easily… what happens if the world changes suddenly? What happens when the bananas, corn, wheat, and such are killed by a yet unknown disease? What would happen if there was no longer a Wal-Mart to go buy your food? Or clothing? Would we survive? I sincerely fear that most would not, because sadly we have forgotten…

21 February, 2010


As we grow older we believe that to find things of beauty, we have to leave home. There is so much beauty in the world outside our home, but it is not home. That is not true, we just have to stop and look… it is there. Just like this, today in my back yard… a honey bee takes pollen and nectar from a wild flower. I have no idea what kind of flower it is, it is really common, but I have no idea what it is. All I know is that it has the tiny purple flowers, and the stalks are slightly maroon.

Scenic Sunday

20 February, 2010

Regions Building

Jackson is the capitol and largest city in the state of Mississippi, by many standards it is a rather small city. This is the largest building in Jackson, the Regions building (nee AmSouth/Deposit Guaranty/First National building.) It was built in the 1970s and rises above the landscape, just a little higher than the other buildings, however it is rather unique enough to be recognizable as a symbol of Jackson.

19 February, 2010


No matter where the future takes me, no matter the distant shores I walk… this will always be my hometown. The place where I spent my formative years, the place where memories and bonds were created. I crawled up an over pass in traffic to get this photo, it is a photo I have always wanted to take. It shows Pearson Road in Pearl, Mississippi looking North from the I20 Overpass.


17 February, 2010


In December of 2008 I moved, and the cats that I loved and lived with for four years remained with my former room mate. I have missed the creatures in my life, I have my frog Georgia, but it is not the same, and for over a year I longed for the purr of a cat. Now since my move last week, I find myself with some new fur-friends, and I am pleased. There is no love like love sent from a fur friend, unconditional and ever lasting. When I snapped this photo of “Killer” he was playing with my feet, and then he realized I was taking photos… and started posing. He and I will get along well!

12 February, 2010


Substantial snow in Mississippi does not happen all too often. This year has been as exception, at least two light dustings. However today is the exception to this rule, about 5 inches have fallen… and it is still falling. People in Mississippi are in awe at this winter weather, it is a treat for most… allowing for snowball fights and snowmen, things that we just do not get to do here. In fact the last time I have seen snow like this was 2001 and 1998…


10 February, 2010

Random Pretty

I love finding beauty in even the most common places, and if you look… it really is not that hard. This is the reverse side of the neon take out sign at Jason’s Deli in Jackson, MS. It is one of my favourite places to eat, as it offers the best salad bar in Jackson. I absolutely love it, as I love this random shot of pop-artish beauty.

For More Signs Please Visit, "Signs Signs." 

07 February, 2010

Conversing with Nature

Mississippi is not known for rolling hills, or high mountains. It is mostly flat, with a few small hills dotting the landscape. I was walking in a field among some of these small hills, when I heard a rustling in the bushes. I stood really quiet and out popped a white tailed deer… I only had a moment to snap this quick photo before it scurried on into the forest. I love taking photos, it give me a chance to converse with nature, and to see things I would not otherwise get to see. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them. Thank You ALL!

Scenic Sunday

06 February, 2010


Sometimes things do not go the way we expected, and then we feel abandoned. We lay collecting dust and twigs, rusting waiting for something new, but if we remove the feelings… and we realize just how beautiful we really are, then life will be laqarik again, and we will see just how wonderful life can be. I’m certain that if objects were able to speak this old farm piece might say something very similar… as it sits under a tree at Brandon Park in Rankin County, MS just rusting… waiting for new life…

05 February, 2010


Rivers are a mysterious part of the landscape; they provide a mode of transportation for man and water to the sea. The Mississippi river is the largest river and North America that provides just this purpose; it connects the American heartland to the sea, and effectively divides the continental United States into Eastern States and Western States.

On some nights, I have found that if you travel to a river… you can sense spirits travelling down with the water. Where they go I am not sure, but I can definitely see why so many ancient cultures revered rivers as paths to the other world.


04 February, 2010


Neptune continues to watch over the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach, VA. It is not often that the Gods and Goddesses of mythology make reappearances, and when I was in Virginia I was shocked to see Neptune Majestically beckoning me to the sea. I would like to see a resurgence of Mythology in our culture, it is part of our history. Columbia is the symbolic Goddess of America, Britannia the symbolic Goddess of Britain, we even had them on our coins. It was a very interesting part of history.

Coat of Arms

Heraldry is a tradition passed down for many generations in many different cultures, the most well known being the Traditions of the British Isles. That very tradition has passed into American Culture as well, and I have always been fascinated with Heraldic tradition. I have many times in the past been mesmerized with the Family Crest associated with my family… however I know enough to know that the crest is presented to a person and can pass from male heir to heir… but that in most cases does not represent an entire family.

Using my limited artistic ability, and my fascination, I have designed a personal Coat of Arms for myself. Though it is not as elaborate as most, it does contain elements that fully represent me. The Crest is that of a moon going through phases, symbolising that throughout life, we do indeed transform. The Mantle is that of the Magnolia, my favourite flower, and a symbol of my home. The Motto is Latin for “By wisdom and courage.” Within the shield itself you have the two flags representing heritage, the union jack and the American flag. You have three blue stars representing the three stages in human life (Male: Warrior, Father, and Sage… Female: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.) The stars also represent the Heavens divided from earth by a red chevron, chosen because it is my favourite colour. You then have three symbols chosen specifically by me… an Ankh representing everlasting life… a frog representing my animal totem and once again transformation… and the Eye of Horus symbolising protection and power.

I believe that while tradition is important, it is also just as important to be yourself and to represent yourself in unique ways. While I am not by any means an artist, I tried to accomplish my own sense of individuality… I feel I was successful, and whilst it is not perfect… it does represent me.

03 February, 2010

Katrina Ruins

Water is one of the most magickal elements on earth. It exists in such a wonderful abundance, and it is where all like sprang forth unto the land. However it is also a destructor, it can take just as many lives. Mississippi has seen more than it’s share of death and destruction from water, Hurricane Katrina being one of them. There are still Hurricane Ruins on the Mississippi coast, and elsewhere. This is the remains of the Presidents Casino, just ruins along the beach, it stands as a testament to the destructive power that is water.

Water may destroy, but from that destruction comes new life… it is this that we need to nourish after such events. Hope can never fail, we must never allow that. There are still people on the Mississippi Coast without permanent homes post-Katrina, if you would like to help visit AdoptaKatrinaFamily.org.

This Post was a Retro-Thursday post on 8-25-11.


01 February, 2010


“For as long as there's trees and all other natures created by our creator, i consider it beautiful! Every street corner of unpleasantness, there's always a corner of delight!”


No truer words were ever spoken… This was a comment in response to my last post. I have had many comments to my blog posts in the past, but none have struck me the way these words did, it captured the way I feel about trees. This is the reason why I focus so much attention on them when I am out taking photos. They are life givers, we usually have non caring attitude when it comes to trees, we cut them down… pass by them with no regard, but in reality they too are living creatures, and net time you pass by one I challenge you to say hello.

This particular tree was a friend of mine when I lived in Toomsuba, Mississippi. It is on the banks of Lake Tom Bailey, and it stands alone. I always had a sense of loneliness from this tree, and anytime I find my way to the Toomsuba area, I make it a point to stop and have a moment under the tree… just saying hello to an old friend.


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